Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go for it!

I finally started my training yesterday! And it feels sooh good. Learning from Jaymie's experience, I started it slow. I walked 2k for 30 minutes then ran 1/2k for 4 minutes. This morning, when I ran five times around the tennis court before our tennis lessons, I was no longer gasping for breath. What a nice experience!

So if you're still deciding whether to run or not, simply go for it. Begin by walking first like what I did. Run only when you think you're ready for it. Don't rush. We have 1 year to prepare for this 5k fun run. Will you join me?


  1. Hi Nora
    JDI - Just do it. Whatever you feel like doing - JDI. Hope I can come next year to join the fun if not the walking.

  2. Mare! It seems like only yesterday when we were eating baked oysters, paella and salpicao at Una Mas then right after that enjoyed Via Mare's guinumis, bibingka and puto-bumbong. Now you're back in Australia, so many miles away. I really hope you can join us next year. We have 1 year to train for that. Regards!