Monday, June 18, 2007

Last 15 Minutes

My mother used to tell me--"Anak, para kang basketball player. Last 10 minutes ka lagi." She'll tell me this whenever she sees me rushing a delivery (I was in the garments business before) or when she sees me adding beads and sequins on her gown an hour before the start of the Philamlife Recognition Program.

Well, some things just don't change.

Last Saturday, June 16, 2007, as I was getting ready for my daughter's Parents Orientation in school, I suddenly remembered that I should have bought Miggy's special monay and Baguio raisin bread for my father's small group prayer meeting that afternoon. I looked at my watch and found out it was already 1:45PM, exactly 15 minutes before the Orientation. In a flash, I drove to Miggy's Bakeshop in BF Resort and went back, put on a light make-up, fixed my hair, picked the right accessories and wore them while I was walking to the car. And pronto! I arrived at the venue exactly 2PM. I wasn't late after all coz the meeting started at 2:30PM (which by Filipino standard is still early because of our 1-hr. delay Filipino tradition).

I smiled to myself and thought of Nanay. "Hindi na ako ngayon last 10 minutes. 15 minutes na. At least, may pagbabago."

Fast Forward to SM MOA: Philamlife celebrated its 60th anniversary with lots of activities from 10AM to 9PM. I was still fortunate to catch the concert which started at 7PM. The Philippine Idols and the Company traced the music hits from the 50's to the present. It was nostalgic, at the same time hilarious. Then the much-awaited Apo Hiking Society took the center stage. People clamored "More . . . !!!!" from them that the concert ended 9:30PM. By that time, my daughter and I had to go to the rest room which was full as expected.

Then I realized that I still have to look for a Father's Day Card where I could place my monetary gift. I looked at my watch and read 9:45PM. Oh, no. Not again! Last 15 minutes . . .

We (Eia, Keendie and I) ran to National Book Store which was located at the farthest end from the Music Hall. Eia "read" books in the children's area while I bumped elbows (literally) with the other customers who, like me, were also "basketball players"--still searching for a father's day card before closing time. When I finally chose my card, I looked for the nearest cashier and saw a long queue of payers. I decided to look for the additional school supplies that my son needed while shaking my head in disgust "Why are these items not included in the list of sch. supplies given to me on enrollment day? I should have bought all of them in 1 trip, instead of making 2 trips to the bookstore. Don't they (the teachers) realize that the parents have so many things to do aside from making trips to the bookstore for their children's supplies?"

The following day, Father's day, I woke up early to give tatay my gift. I hugged and kissed him and repeatedly told him "Thank you, Itay. I love you. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo. Happy Father's Day." in between sobs. When I say repeatedly, I meant over and over and over . . . again! Tatay and I embraced each other for eternity and I thought I saw a tear or two on his cheeks. For the first time in my life, I knew Tatay has finally accepted the fate of his only daughter. I could no longer feel the pain in his heart, only gladness and joy. And for the second time, I heard him say "I love you" (please refer to my previous post "My Permanent 'Boyfriend'".

Let me share with you what I wrote in the card:

My dearest Tatay,

Last June 6, I received the best birthday gift ever--
When you hugged me and kissed me and told me "I love you. Happy birthday."
Thank you for finally giving me what I've been longing for in my whole life!

Whereas the father's day card reads:

Whatever brings you joy, whatever makes you happy . . .
Whatever good things you want most in life . . .
May these be yours.
Happy Father's Day!

Then I signed:

I love you, Tatay,


  1. Dear Nora,

    Belated happy birthday & advanced happy birthday on your 50th birthday next year. I'm amazed to hear about your past and the present. Very nice blog. It's also nice to view your pictures. Good news to know that Kuya, Ate, you and the kids are all doing good.

    Tita Neneng & Tito Felix

  2. Hi, Ate Neneng!

    Nice to hear from you. I hope you could join us next year. My 50th bday celebration is tentatively set on your bday--June 7!

    Regards to Kuya Eric.