Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of Cops and Thieves (STORY # 2)


If you recall in the previous post, I kept looking at my watch wondering if I could sell it at a price that would cover my hotel, food and transportation expenses. It seemed that I wasn't the only one interested in the value of my "Citizen" watch.

After the Christmas break, I was back in the dorm still with my precious watch. But not for long.

I overslept one morning so I ran towards the bathroom without removing my watch. I couldn't go back to our room anymore or I would have to fall in line again and wait for a cubicle to be available. So I went in and placed my watch on top of the dividing wall. Since I was already pressed for time, I rushed back to our bedroom after my bath, completely forgetting that I left my watch in the bathroom. After I put on my school uniform in a jiffy, I tried to look at the time in my watch. I wasn't wearing my watch! I hurriedly went back to my cubicle but as expected, my watch which I predicted would save me from my misery before, is now gone. For good. I uttered a prayer that whoever took my watch won't sell it and use the money for drugs or something like that.

Again, I didn't tell my parents about my unfortunate incident. I was hoping to save money and buy a watch exactly like that so they wouldn't notice. But after about a month, Nanay came for a conference. I tried to hide my wrist from her but after the mass in San Sebastian Church, she asked me why I wasn't wearing my watch. I could have easily lied to her that I left it in the dorm but I couldn't coz we were still inside the church. So I spilled the bad news. She told me to be careful next time and I promised her it won't happen again.

My room mates reported to our land lady that I lost my precious watch in the bathroom but I never set eyes on it again. Lucky for me Nanay bought me a new one before she went back to Marbel.

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