Monday, August 27, 2007

Of Cops and Thieves (STORY # 9, 10)


When I joined the IEP in CRC, my female batch mates decided to rent an apartment in Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City to save in travel time and concentrate on our studies and researches. During week ends, all of us go to our respective homes--Gay and me to Pampanga, Gracie to Loyola Heights QC, Tess to Frisco and Vins to Dasmarinas Makati.

I was shocked to find my bedroom ransacked one Monday morning when I came back from Pampanga. My radio cassette recorder was gone, along with my camera, desk fan, towels, some clothes and food items. The robber didn't break in through the front door. He went up the roof and entered through my window. We suspected the thief to be one of the tenants coz he could have easily went outside his window and walked on the roof, entered my room and went back to his own bedroom. But of course, even though we reported the incident to the Barangay Tanod, the criminal was never apprehended.

STORY # 10

Right after Tess graduated MS IE from CRC, she went home to Cebu and put up a boutique. She sold R-T-W clothes, at the same accepting made-to-order garments. Her source of clothing materials was Divisoria. One time, Ted and I accompanied her there. We had so much fun chatting and laughing while Tess was picking different designs and materials. At the end of the day, Tess summed up her purchases and when she found out it was already P 150,000 she said it's time for us to go home. The last store owner that we visited issued Tess a P 5,000 Official Receipt and she advised us that if somebody asks us of what we bought, we'll just tell him we only bought polyester fabric.

We hired a "kariton" in going back to the parking area, not suspecting that we were already being watched. We placed everything inside the trunk and some at the back. The three of us sat in front with Tess in charge of the wheel. About 2-3 kilometers from Divisoria an owner jeep blocked our way out of nowhere. We had no choice but to stop. Then 2 armed men in civilian clothes stepped out of the jeep and approached us. They told us they were policemen, while showing us their badges (which we didn't figure out whether true or fake). Tess and Ted went with them near the jeep while I looked for my fan in my bag. Then I proceeded where they were talking and asked the police "Mamang pulis, ano ho ba ang violation namin?" This, I said with irritated voice while fanning myself. The police answered "Gusto nyong malaman ang violation nyo? Pwes, sumama kayo sa presinto." Tess and I angrily retaliated "Bakit naman kami sasama sa presinto na hindi namin alam kung ano violation namin?" What followed was an exchange of heated words between the two policemen and Tess/me. Then Ted, in his usual casual, melodramatic voice, requested that Tess and I just go back to the car while he negotiate with the policemen. Tess and I went back to the car then after a while, Ted came and whispered to Tess that we only have to give them P100. In unison, Tess and I shouted: ONE HUNDRED PESOS? One hundred pesos lang pala gusto nila? Ang cheap naman pala nila. Di pa sinabi agad. Inabala pa tayo ng husto.

When Ted gave them the P100, we saw them talking and laughing with each other. Tess and I wondered what they were laughing about. When Ted finally joined us back in the car, he told us what the police told him: "Sabihin mo sa asawa mo, wag siyang high blood. Lalo na yong namamaypay. Kawawa ka naman. Dalawang high blood na chicks ang kasama mo."


  1. mother nora! hahaha... fernan mentioned to me about your blog pero ewan ko ba everytime i try to search for it, i always end up in some porn site. hahaha, norberta! anyways, we will try our best to be in the 5k next year. i had a blast reading about our divisoria experience. i cant help telling the "tinutukan ako, si daddy and tita nora nyo ng mga pulis" over and over again to the kids. Anyways, ang exact words mo by the way, were "Ano ho ba ang problema, mamang pulis?" Fake police says "Ang problema? Ang problema eh inaaresto ko kayo. Sumama kayo sa presinto!" Hay Nora, we did live dangerously during those times. Miss you! Hi to the kids!!! :)

  2. Finally,nakapasok ka rin, Tess, sa blog ko. Do read the Tribute to my Friends . . . Pakisabi din kila Tatay and Nanay. I also paid tribute to them. Miss na miss ko na ang mga "happenings" natin, Tess. Hope to see you and the whole family soon. Kisses! Mwah!