Monday, May 14, 2007

Why Start Now?

Hi! I'm Nora, a 49 year-old single mother of 9 and 7. You may wonder why my children could already be the grandchildren of women my age . . .

Well, I really had no intention of settling down because I didn't know how to raise children. To put it bluntly, I "hated" children before. Being an only child, I wasn't exposed to having children in the house. I pitied mothers with screaming children with them and I abhorred the idea of taking care of babies' poops.

But as the saying goes, God works in very mysterious ways.

5 months before turning 39, I just found myself walking down the aisle and bubbling "I do" to a 27-year-old man  whom I thought I truly loved. Don't you worry. For now I won't be writing why our marriage didn't last . . . maybe later.

Why am I starting this blog? Why start now?

My son and I started our tennis lessons as soon as the school ended last March. It started out fine. But now that we are already in the 'advanced level', I felt out of breath every time I run from left to right of the tennis court. That's when I thought that I should go back to running.

I used to run in my younger years but of course, that was more than 2 decades ago. When my Stat friends met in Greenbelt last May 12, I told them I'm planning to run again and even asked them to join me and run 5k next year on my 50 th birthday. My dear friend Agnes suggested that if there's no fun run scheduled that day, then we could just organize a fun run ourselves.

Before I went to bed that night, it just hit me that I could also invite all the other 50-year old women to run with us. I surfed the Internet for Milo Marathons and I was very lucky to get in touch with Jaymie, the bull runner.

Since then, she has been my inspiration. Hence, this blog.