Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Run With Me (for DSAPI)

They say life begins at 40. Maybe so.

At 40 we celebrated my eldest son's first birthday. I am now 49 and next year, on my 50th birthday--I want to run 5k for the very first time in my life. I have invited my Stat friends to join me and now I am publicly calling all women who'll be turning 50 next year to "begin their lives" and run with me.

Run with me and help the Down Syndrome Association of the Phils., Inc. (DSAPI), the recipient of this fun run. My 7-year old daughter has Down Syndrome and our association is in great need of financial assistance.

I still don't know where this event will take place but it will be on Saturday, June 7, 2008. If you know someone who will turn 49-51 next year, please encourage her to join. It will be a fun run or walk so as not to pressure anyone. And it doesn't have to be 5k for everybody. She can cut it down to 3k if she wants. Our goal here is to enjoy ourselves, not to injure our bodies! We are running not to please anyone. We will run to please ourselves (and benefit the DSAPI while having the time of our lives).

Thank you, Jaymie (the bull runner), for the tips you gave me. Hope you stay in touch.

Have to end this post to begin my training.