Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Tribute to my Friends & "Enemies" (Part II)

I celebrate by feasting on a buffet meal when I'm happy. Food is the shoulder I cry on when I'm angry (I cry when I'm angry). When I'm down in the pits, food is my inspiration. I eat when I'm tired, I eat when I'm at rest. In short, whatever physical or emotional state I'm in, food is my constant companion. It is no wonder that this Part II will solely touch on F-O-O-D, my passion of all time.

I pay tribute to you who paved the way to my gastronomic journey. Without you, my life (especially my stomach) would have been "empty". Thank you for opening my doors to the exciting new world of culinary experience.

1. Thelma:

taco & chef salad at Pancake House
fresh lumpiang ubod & sotanghon soup at Goldilocks
Caesar salad, sangria and steak at Mario's
her very own recipe of chocolate mayonnaise cake
palillos de Milan of Goldilocks (cried for days when this was phased out)
super large siopao & mami of Ma Mon Luk
fruit salad of Milky Way

2. Louie & Vins:

baked oysters in white wine sauce & garlic at Mingoy's
bibingka & guinumis at Via Mare
marjolaine cake at Sugarhaus (enjoy eating this with beef stroganoff & apple pie)
fried chicken at Tom Sawyer
roast beef of Dayrit's
baked potato topped with sour cream & bacon of Wendy's

3. Tess & Ted

shrimps with green peas, quail eggs & cashew nuts
buffet lunch at Dad's
ready-to-eat tapa & squid flakes of Cebu

4. Ate Alma: tapsilog at Don Galo & halo-halo at Digman
5. Mimi, Elsa and Malou: churros con chocolate at Dulcinea
6. Zeny: sugbakilaw at Gerry's Grill (we order this with guinataang kuhol & sizzling sisig)
7. Jessy: whiskey/rum/gin with pineapple juice and SMB Super Dry
8. Angie: chicken a la king
9. Choy's spaghetti carbonara of Carousel Diner (the best I've ever tasted)
10. V.C.: bar-b-q and garlic rice at Nipa Hut (one goes to Nipa Hut not because of the food but to enjoy drinking under the stars and marvel at the magnificent view)
11. Kuya Herman: bouillabaisse, crispy pata & kare-kare at Barrio Fiesta
12. Jun & Lea: Brooklyn Pizza (near gate of Tahanan Village, BF Paranaque)
13. Jojo: His very own recipe of grilled panga ng tuna
14. baked tahong & fish salad of Ats
15. Nilo: Manager's Choice of Shakey's
16. Tho & Elsa: sushi & sashimi of Saisaki
17. Madel: grilled ensaymada & hot chocolate of Red Ribbon
18. Gay: Tokwa't baboy of 3 Sisters
19. Marilen: Daiquiri drink, goto of Gooodah and cuapao of . . . (forgot the name of Chinese rest.)
20. Agnes: vegemeat, baked macaroons & buko pie from IRRI
21. Cyndi: baked macaroni
22. Majella: green mango shake, Wewin's biscocho, Teriyaki Boy's kani salad
23. Vicky: baby back ribs of Outback