Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

Gosh. . . I can't believe it's almost 3 months since I last posted in my blog. So many things to tell. So many stories to write. Dunno where to start. Hmm . . . Let's see.

April 4, 2008: Tatay and Nanay silently celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary. The whole family woke up early to attend the 6:45 AM mass, after which Fr. Gerry blessed the 'bride and groom' with us as witnesses. Then coming from Christ the King Parish, Fr. Santi blessed our newly renovated house. (The renovation started in January--the major reason why I failed to write consistently in my blog.) For those of you who saw the house in 1993, hereunder are the changes:

1. Different colors on top, front, inside and outside. Don't worry. The no. 36 at the gate is still there. You won't get lost when you come and visit us.
2. The visitor's lounge is now the prayer room.
3. The bar is now the coffee bar. (I told you--I gave up drinking because my boyfriend who became my husband then eventually my EX, told me to.)
4. The roof deck is converted to an activity room of all sorts--gym, SPED room, music room, playroom, etc.
5. My former bachelor's pad is now a room for 2 or more.
6. The patio is now a walk-in closet/office of my parents.
7. The prayer room is now Gio's bedroom.
8. Renovation of the family bathroom.
9. The servants' bedroom is now a stockroom.
10. Roof extended to the laundry area.
11. House extended to build a larger servants' bedroom, bathroom and attic as another stockroom.
12. Extension of garage.
13. Landscaping of garden.

March 30, 2008: I was supposed to run 5K in the Mizuno Infinity Run but decided not to. I was only well for one week. Afraid to have a relapse. No, I wasn't down with the Flu. Pharyngitis and laryngitis were the reasons for my on and off fever. As Nanay's treat for Gio and Eia, we left after lunch for MOA. The kids played at Toy Kingdom (which bewildered my mother because she thought we will buy something there). Then we had early merienda at Sugar House (where else?). Power Station was our last stop. We got hungry singing our hearts out at the Videoke room so we traversed San Miguel by the Bay to look for a nice restaurant. When Gio and Eia complained of being tired walking, we settled at Aling Tonya's Restaurant. We positioned ourselves in complete view of the breathtaking sunset at Manila Bay while savoring our Sinigang na Mayamaya sa Miso, Prawns in Garlic Butter, Steamed Oysters, Kilawing Tanguigue and Baked Oysters.

March 29, 2008: Gio was a newcomer at STI and so when he proudly told me that he was requested to deliver the Opening Prayer during the Recognition Program of Grade School and High School at Starmall, I was thrilled and excited. Nanay and I went up the stage to give his 2 medals: 3rd Honor and Subject Excellence in Science.

March 28, 2008: Eia's Recognition Program at Starmall lasted for 3 hours but Eia maintained her composure on her seat. Even though her classmates were already roaming around, Eia stayed where she was and listened attentively, waiting for her name to be called. Gio and I pinned her "Most Improved in Social Skills" and "Most Behave" medals. When it was time for the Girl Scout Award, Ate Ella and T. Jenny went up the stage with her to get her "Most Responsible" certificate.

March 14, 2008: From March 8 to 13, I was only able to sneak 1 night of sleep. With my resistance all down, my fever started May 14 and when it didn't leave after 3 days, I consulted at PhilamCare. I wasn't fully well until Easter Sunday.

March 9, 2008: I was all set to run 5K in PIA (Pinay in Action) but at 2AM, Eia was burning with fever. I couldn't possibly leave my sick daughter. I was hoping her fever would go down from 37.5 when she slept at 8 PM but it continued to rise. I had no choice but to miss my first run ever. After 2 days, it was Gio's turn to get sick. Thank God both of them recovered fast.

March 5-7, 2008: Nanay and I had the time of our lives at Shangrila Hotel, courtesy of Philamlife. It was a welcome break for me, having been stressed by the ongoing repairs/renovations in the house. As usual, Nanay was the undisputed "Star of the Night" during the National Recognition Program. When we went up the stage, I could hear people murmuring "Sino ba dyan si Toning at sino si Nora?" My mother will be turning 74 this May 10 and yet guests who didn't know us personally thought we were twins! I'm not at all irked by this observation because yours truly is the one responsible for making her look fabulous year after year.

I have to pause here. So many events in February that it will require a separate post.


  1. This post is heartily dedicated to my secret admirer in "Some Good Things Never Last". Will try to write as often as I can. Still have to sort a lot of things inside the house. Thanks for the encouragement. God bless!

  2. Thanks. But where are you now? I'ts been 1 1/2 months since your last appearance!