Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Training Tip # 1: The 10% Rule

Starting today, I will be sharing the training tips of David Styles, author of Marathon Bible. Please feel free to comment whether these tips worked for you or not. For us runners who are still wishing to eventually run a Marathon, I hope these tips help us realize our dream.

According to David Styles:

"One of the biggest killers to running a marathon is injury. You should aim to avoid injury at all costs because it can set your preparation back by weeks, if not months.

You should not increase your marathon training by more than 10% in any given week, especially in the early stages of your preparation.

The other trap to avoid is the 'I feel great, so I'll train more' syndrome.

You may find yourself at a stage in your preparation that you are finding your training sessions too easy. Just be aware that if you find yourself dropping into wanting to push more miles you will run the risk of injury.


Follow the system that has worked for hundreds of beginners and you too will find how satisfying running a marathon really can be."

I have ran 5k last July 6. If I religiously follow this tip and then allowing a slight probability of delay due to my golden age, I could run 10K in the New Balance Power Race this Nov. 16,2008!

I guess Johnny Sy was right after all that I have enough time to prepare for this event.


  1. Nora, Johnny's correct as you have plenty of time to train for the 10 kilometer event.

    Regarding the 10% rule, I definitely agree with it. However, if your longest run is a five kilometer, don't be afraid if you add another 2K or one mile to that. The 10K is a benchmark and it's there to help avoid injuries and fatigue.

    BR responded to my e-mail and mentioned to tell you thanks for the encouragement leading up to SFO. Hopefully, the situation with his blog is being taken care of.

  2. A runner's biggest enemy is injury -- and sometimes, you just have to stop. Somehow, I'm feeling that I'm getting quite an avalanche of different injuries -- left and right. I'm hoping that I can still work them out and still run on August 3. Worked out this morning and my hamstring continues to be sore -- maybe a massage will help.

    That's me -- running and training and experiencing all the pains and aches!! he! he! But, you're right, we need to be conservative with our training in order to achieve the goals we've set.

    I'm looking forward to catching up with you on the 10k race! (whenever you're ready -- next month, or November, or next year -- you be the judge!)

  3. Hi Nora,

    I'm follower of your blog and it's a wonderful read. I haven't had chance to comment (I think I did a few days ago, but it didn't save somehow) so consider this as my first comment :-)

    As for the 10% rule, yeah, but once you get your rhythm going though it's hard to stop :-(

    Keep on blogging! And hope to bump into you at the Milo event

  4. Thank you, Wayne, for relaying the message to BR. Don't you think the 10% rule is only applicable to younger runners? For someone like me who only started running regularly at age 49, I feel the benchmark should be less than 10%. Anyway, as you said, the benchmark is there to help avod injuries and fatigue. I target the 10% but when I feel that my legs and knees couldn't take it anymore, I just walk. I hope that's the right thing to do.

  5. Hah hah hah... Johnny you're not the only one. We're the same age--remember? I used to have bad experiences with massage before but in pursuit of pain-free body, I dared avail of home-service massage which only cost me P200 (including tip) and believe it or not, I felt better and energized after the one-hour therapy session. As for the Aug. 3 5k Sf Run, bear in mind that your goal is to have fun while running to the finish line.
    I'm also looking forward to run 10k with you--hopefully this Nov. 16,2008. Go, go Johnny go, go...

  6. Wow! Thanks, Gene. Nice of you to say that. What exactly are you doing in the picture? And why Barracuda Running? My Race # is 76748 in the Milo Run. What's yours?

  7. The numbers are just guides, the best way to train still is to listen to your body... a trial-and-error process :D

    good luck sa milo! Too bad I won't be there due to work :(

    - loony runner

  8. Nora, there's nothing wrong with walking if there's discomfort. You're probably pushing to the limit. Likely, the more you will run, the less the discomfort.

    Your goal is to finish a 10K. That is double what you ran on July 6th. Not impossible by any means. Right now, I don't know what your training kilometers are but see if you can do a 5K again in the near future.

  9. Hi Nora, no worries, I like reading blog (one of the many guys who lurks behind :) I find some of your post quite moving (particularly for the 25Jan08 and 21Jan08). And although I can't empathize (it was told from a woman's perspective) I still found it touching and wonderfully narrated. You're a strong woman Nora.

    Why Barracuda Running? I can't think of a name, then saw a documentary at Discovery. I was doing bungee jump at picture and my bib# 3646.

    Hey, it's good that Wayne is your virtual trainer! And yeah, same with loony runner, trial-and-error works for me as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the race!

  10. Yes, Joe. You're absolutely right. The best indicator is still our body. That's why when I feel pain in the leg, knee or foot I just walk.

  11. I am running 5k again in the Milo Run this Aug. 3, Wayne. If I succeed (hopefully I can--again)then I think it's time for me to train for 10k. That's my goal--to see you and the other runner bloggers come Nov. 16 at the New Balance Power Race.

  12. Btw Joe, you and Jaymie are both skipping the Milo Run. That's double sad news for me.

  13. #3646--will keep that in mind, Gene! I'm so excited to see you at the race. Good luck!
    (I'm deeply touched that you also read my entries not pertaining to running. Thanks!)

  14. hey there, there'll be more races where we can meet :D good luck on Sunday... I'm sure mapapa-wow nanaman sa'yo ilang younger runners because you'll be faster than them... have fun! :D

    - loonyrunner

  15. Hah hah ... I'm just hoping to reach the 5k finish line as painless as possible! I will be a lot happier if you and Jaymie were there but as you said, there'll be future races where we can meet. Thanks for the encouragement Joe.

  16. uy 10K in November! go for it! enjoy your training :P race day is sobrang nakaka-tense but training is always fun specially if you do it with friends. hope to see you sa Milo this Sunday.

  17. That's my problem, bards. At my age, I couldn't convince my friends to run with me so I run alone. But I still enjoy it--definitely! My race # 76748, gene's is 3646. What's yours?

  18. Good luck on your run this Sunday!! Looking forward to more pictures. Your 5K should be no problem the way you've been training! :-)