Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If the Singlet Fits

I spent every minute of my free time yesterday calling the ADIDAS outlets near our place to check if the new batch of KOTR registration forms/bibs/singlets has already arrived.

The guy from RACE Office informed me that at 11:00 AM, he already dispatched the delivery of KOTR materials to Trinoma, Gateway, Megamall and MOA. Sorry, Festival Mall was not included. But when I called MOA, delivery didn't reach them yet. Jaja was kind enough to ask my name so she could reserve a race bib and singlet for me. I assured her that I would definitely go there after I bring my children home from school.

But things don't always happen as planned.

When I fetched Gio, he requested that I bring him back to KUMON to resume his Mathematics tutorial. I wanted to fly to MOA but I couldn't refuse my child--my favorite son.

We just dropped Ate Ella and Eia at home and off we went to KUMON Center at Pamplona Road.

By the time we left for MOA, we were both starved. Decided to eat at Blue Wave to satisfy our hunger. We ordered one P99 combo meal at Pizza Hut. He took care of the spaghetti and root beer while I enjoyed the Caesar's salad with fresh ground pepper. It was our shortest meal time ever. Gio pointed out that it was 7:11 when we left Blue Wave.

Parked the car beside SMX Convention Center. Ran to Adidas Outlet. Looked for Jaja but she already left. But she managed to reserve a KOTR race bib and singlet for me.

After 4 days of wondering and wandering , I am now officially entered as 5k runner with race bib # 9721! The long wait is finally over.

Never mind if I don't have a race map inside my kit. I'll just go around the Fort and go where the crowd is and follow the signs where I should run. This is my very first race in this area and I don't have the faintest idea what road goes where.

But I was given a complimentary running magazine which is really awesome!

And the singlet. Aaahhh . . . The singlet of my dreams--if only it would fit my svelte figure as Gene Ordanza aptly described it hah hah ...

With the singlet hanging loose on top and hugging uncomfortably at the bottom, the question now remain: Will I or will I not wear my KOTR singlet on race day?

Of course I will.

I only need to add 1 inch of flesh on my breast, discard 2 inches of flab around my waist and trim 3 inches off my pear-shaped hips. And I still have 10 days to do all these!

No prob. (Sigh)

How about you? Will you be wearing your precious singlet on race day?


  1. Finally, you got the shirt everyone is going crazy about. Sometimes Quennie dont get her size too but she wears them on the race on top of the other shirt that fits her.

  2. hi ms nora,
    congratulations! you are now officially registered for the adidas KOTR. it doesn't matter if you're going to wear or not your singlet during the race day as long as you are comfortable in it. as for my experience i usually wear my singlet before the race during my simulation run. in that manner i will know if i will be comfortable wearing it on the race day itself. goodluck!

  3. Hi Nora,

    Maybe we'll catch each other this time -- am registered for the 5K. But, I'm not there for any PR -- just to slowly get back into the groove after a long lay off. I'm surprised it's your first time to run at The Fort. It shouldn't be too difficult if they put enough signs up.

    Good luck with the race!

  4. I was hoping I could do that Jinoe--wear my singlet on top of another shirt. Problema, the ladies singlet wont fit my 'slim' hips heh heh ...

  5. Thanks, Gemini. See you before the starting line OK? Pa picture na tayo before the race kasi di na tayo magkikita after.

  6. Where have you been Johnny? Ang tagal mong nawala! Welcome back.
    Lets meet before the starting line ha. See you soon!
    I am very seldom at the Fort. And for the 5X I've been there, I got lost 10X hah hah ...

  7. there no longer is at glorietta either! aahh, ill go to MOA today. Thank you so much for helping me and posting this.

    may i be lucky :)

  8. Don't worry Chef, the RACE Office in Greenhills is the last resort. Good luck in MOA!

  9. Hey Nora,

    Being there and running the race matters most. I don't really give emphasis on running with the assigned singlet, I go for what is comfortable with me. Yun nga lang, I believe almost all the runners will be in blue at that time, marami akong nababalitaan that some are eager beaver to grab the singlet eh.

    Good luck & see you then,
    Vener - run unltd.

  10. Hey, I'll see you there Nora! I'm registered on 21K.

    Btw, did you know that the retail cost of the singlet is Php 495.00 (price tag still attached on the singlet they gave me). A few months back, my sister got me a similar one (but different color) that was on Sale at the Adidas store. You know how much those singlet cost when they're on sale? Php75.00!

  11. Yes, Vener. We should run with what is comfortable with us. Ang ganda lang kasi ng KOTR singlet kaya nkakapanghinayang na hindi masuot heh heh ...
    Have you registered for 21k? What's your bib #?
    Good luck! Hope to be there before 5:30 AM so I could see the half marathoners like you.

  12. Talaga Gene? What's your race bib #? Naku, really have to be there before 5:30 AM! Good luck in your 21k run!