Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First 7k Run

After a series of bouts with the agonizing discomforts of the big "M" (you know--that inevitable biological transformation common to women reaching 49-51 years of age), I conditioned myself to run my first 7k today--no matter what.

A fine weather greeted me this morning, boosting my energy to fulfill my resolution. I was all set to run after I bring Gio to school but Eia's Science assignment forced me to postpone my run in the afternoon. We had to look for 5 different kinds of leaves, flowers and fruits. And we had to introduce each one of them to my daughter with Down Syndrome!

By mid day, the weather drastically changed-- courtesy of storm Marce. It didn't bother me though, 'coz I could still run inside the basketball court. No problem, really.

As soon as Eia entered the car when I fetched her from school she excitedly asked me "Mama, you will run in the basketball court?" I smiled at her and told her yes. Deep inside, I was so proud of my daughter who was very observant of what's happening around her. She already deduced that because it was raining, I had to run inside the basketball court so I won't be wet.

While I was changing to my running outfit, I heard someone say "Didn't you run under the pouring rain in the Milo Race? C'mon, do it again. Make your first 7k run truly memorable".

And so, with my jacket and favorite Nike blue cap I bravely faced the wrath of Marce.

After 1 round, I noticed I was all alone inside the park (it seemed I was the only running addict inside Philamlife Village). I decided to go outside and run around the park instead. Although I was the only one running, I didn't feel alone because vehicles would pass by me every now and then. I just hope those people who've seen me wouldn't assume that I just escaped from the Mental Hospital!

With all the rain drops, sweat and tears rolled into one, I made it through the storm--my first 7k run!