Friday, October 3, 2008

Problem Solved!

I finally got hold of the much-desired KOTR singlet but here's the catch:

1. The neckline squeezes my neck with the near possibility of choking myself to death.

2. The armhole is too large which could still accommodate 2 arms of another runner.

3. The bottom part is extremely tight which is actually not a problem if you're Angelina Jolie.

The moment I got home, I tried several shirts (13 to be exact) that I could wear as undershirt for the lovable singlet.

The upper part will do. I only have to get rid of the white piping around the neckline so I could have room to breath.

As for the lower part, I could just cut it crosswise right below my breast so I can breath and run freely.

Then I read Dasher's comment that she was given a male singlet. Hmm . . . why didn't I think of that? It may not be too late. With just one phone call, I learned that I could exchange my singlet for a male singlet. Wasting no time, I rushed back to MOA and did just that.

I am ecstatic because all I have to do now is wear a shirt under my new singlet.

Problem solved.