Monday, November 10, 2008

My First VSO Run (Part 2)

(Part 2 of My First VSO Run: A Dream Come True)

Then I told them I still haven't seen Jaymie. I don't remember anymore who informed me that Jaymie was just standing right behind me!

Like a fairy godmother whisking her magic wand, I turned around and there was Jaymie, together with Jay, the Honorable Doc Doray and JunC!

Two weeks ago I was in a room filled with Kapuso stars and I must admit I was thrilled.

But the excitement in finally meeting the runner bloggers is beyond comparison.

I felt like a teenager again in close encounter with my first love!

We had a lively chat (thank you Jay for the very kind words) and though I still wanted to stay and share more stories, the emcee started to count, signalling the start of the 15k race. I said good luck to all of them and made my way out of the pack. I was almost tempted to run the 15k just to spend more time with you guys but I'm glad I didn't.

I tried to look for my cousin Jun but he was nowhere to be found (I found out later that he positioned himself at the front row). Thank God I again saw Baby, Bro. J's swthrt. I desperately needed someone I know to run with me for the first kilometer.

I wasn't prepared for a hilly route. The KOTR was almost flat from start to finish. No sweat. This time, I almost gave up, for I already felt the soreness in my legs. I told myself I will just try to finish the race, no matter what the time. The most important thing is, I'll finish it without any injury.

And by God's grace, I did it!

But when I woke up this morning, my whole body is in pain. I remember the Triathlon Ad on TV:

"The human body is not made for this kind of sport. But the SPIRIT is!"

Watch out for Part 3 . . .

My First VSO Run: A Dream Come True

When I registered for the VSO Run last Oct. 14, the singlet was not yet available. When I claimed it at ROX 5 days before the race, I was ecstatic to see Coach Rio there who gladly pose for this commemorative picture.

Jenny and I arrived at the Fort before 5AM. Unfortunately, no runner blogger in sight.

After almost losing hope to see any runner blogger, Bro J with his 'new' hair & darling Baby suddenly appeared! He told me that Wayne & the other runner bloggers were already inside the assembly area.

I dragged Jenny (my official photographer for this race) inside the 15k starting area to look for the runner bloggers. It wasn't difficult to see Wayne, standing tall amidst the pool of runners.
I approached him and he immediately recognized me! I couldn't believe I finally met the SFrunner! We exchanged kisses and then posed with the runner bloggers who were around him. It was almost a dream that I found myself surrounded with these gorgeous guys: Taki, Wilbert, Joe, Dindo and Glenn.

To be continued . . .