Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hills Are Alive . . .

1:30:11. This was the time in my stopwatch when I completed my first 10k of gruelling, roller coaster run.

I almost gave up at 8k comtemplating that 8 kms. of hills would suffice to overpower McKinley Hill at the PSE Bull Run this coming Jan. 18 but an inner voice urged me to continue. Instead of going back to my previous route, I decided to change my scenery hoping that the new track would be flat.

I was wrong. It was still uphill and even longer.

I desperately needed someone to talk with. I could feel the pain on my knees and my legs and there was no one to encourage me to go on (where art thou Anna?).

Thank God I was wearing my takbo.ph visor. It reminded me that I shouldn't be caught walking or somebody might tease me that I should be sporting a lakad.ph visor instead (heh heh . . .).

I tried to focus on my surroundings to keep my mind off the pain that was starting to bother me.

I saw a very young woman clad in short shorts and spaghetti shirt pushing a stroller with a baby inside while carrying another baby in her arms. A toddler was right beside her, holding on to her hands. For a while there I forgot my suffering. I asked her if the three children were all hers and she said yes. My calculating mind estimated that she could only be 21, and her children could be 1 month, 1 year, and 2 years old!

(If only Eia didn't have a SPED class that morning, I may have interviewed the young mother for a few more minutes to verify if I was correct in my assumption.)

Have you experienced running uphill (and downhill) for 1.5 hours without taking one sip of water? I found this very strange 'coz I normally crave for water after only 3 kms. I also didn't feel hungry (well, THAT's even more strange). Now I know that 1 piece of pandesal with lots of cheese together with 1 cup of Swiss Miss chocolate topped with marshmallows will sustain me for the whole 10k hurdle.

Before I made my final turn, I passed by the buko store and I heard the grinning fresh bukos on top of the table talk to my stomach " come and get me. I am super delicious."

This was one temptation I couldn't resist. I didn't bother to stretch anymore . When I reached the car, I just drove right away and stopped in front of the buko store. After sipping the juice, I asked the vendor to cut my buko in half and asked for an improvised spoon out of its hard covering. This is my favorite way of eating buko. The country style, not the modern version. Eating the meat straight from the shell using its own husk as spoon.

As I was enjoying my sweet buko, I realized I had to go home quick for Eia's SPED class. I just ordered 1 more buko for my dearest Tatay and off I went.

What a fantastic way to end a straight 1:30:11 hill training run!

McKinley Hill, here I come!


  1. That was great, Nora, Congrats!

    I hope the "pain" you experienced while running the hills is just from being tired and not from an injury.

    Make sure you rest and recover first before you do your next hard training run and also try to taper before your 10k race.

    Happy running!

  2. Wow. Looks like you are very ready for the 1st 10K race this Sunday.

    I also dont get thirsty that fast like I used to. Either we just got better or it must be the cold weather.

    Goodluck and see you on Sunday.

  3. The pain was the normal kind of pain, Bong. It wasn't due to any injury. Thanks for the tip. Will refrain from doing any 10k before Sunday.

    I have a question though. Do you sometimes suffer from migraine after a long run? Well, I did. It started late afternoon yesterday until I went to sleep. But it was gone when I woke up this morning.

  4. Your takbo.ph visor saved me again Jinoe.

    Maybe both: we are getting better and the weather was cold so we didn't sweat that much.

    See you Sunday!

  5. hi nora! looks like you're preparing for your 1st 10K. I hope the pain on your knees wasn't an injury. McKinley Hill was my training ground before my knee collapsed. Hahaha!

  6. Hi Nora,

    when was that? you should have texted/called me...i missed those hills and i badly needed that run last week.

    btw, i will get our race packets now but the singlets will only be available by Friday. I'll update you again.

    Take a rest muna my dear.

  7. I guess it's not a real injury 'coz it disappeared right after the run. Will I see you this Sunday? Hope your knee is back to normal. Takbo na uli ng 10k!

  8. I didn't text you anymore coz I ran after I brought Gio to school @ 7:45 AM yesterday.

    Yes, I'm resting now. Will play tennis later.

    The PSE Bull Run is already Sunday and the singlets will only be available by Friday? I wonder why.

    Thanks for helping me and mj.

  9. Hi nora, getting ready for the 10K! Good! But be careful with those knees. Just take it easy. See you on Sunday! We have registered but didn't get the singlet too!

  10. That's good news Bro J! Is your swthrt also running 10k?

    Yah, I just learned now from Anna that the singlets will only be availabe by Friday.

    See you! Regards to Baby!

  11. hi nora! hope to see you on sunday. goodluck to you and sa atin lahat for our first race of the year.

    you know what, ako rin i dont get as thirsty. could be the weather. i stopped bringing my fuel belt for 1-1:30 runs din. i just bring money for taho and water just in case i really really need to have something.

  12. Finally, I'm gonna meet in person one of my female idols!

    See you this Sunday, bards! Yah.. Good luck to all of us (especially to me 'coz this would be my first 10k race heh heh . . . )

  13. Hey Nora! I'll see you on Sunday! PSE run out of registration form/bib number when I registered last Friday :-( but the lady there told me just join the 10K fun run but without the bib, so I will still see there! Hey let's run the first kilometer together, before you leave me in the dust :-)

  14. Gene, I missed you this morning! Where were you???

  15. I have been missing EVERYTHING already and I really haven't reached my 5k due to fluctuating run/training/jog/walk

    where is the happy run going to be at? im shy. i barely have been checkng on sites.

    i miss you.

    thank you very much for keeping in touch still :) really appreciate all the updates.

  16. I miss you too, Chef. Will e-mail you or update you in your blog.