Thursday, January 8, 2009

How To Gain 10 Lbs. in 10 Days

1. Eat as much as you can of that special kind of salty-sweet bone-in Chinese Ham before it disappears in the market.

2. Eat the whole queso de bola as fast as you can or you'll be sorry 'coz it will turn as hard as stone in a matter of days.

3. Be the first to peel off the crispy skin of the delicious lechon before the rest of the family and relatives rush to the feast table.

4. Don't hesitate to eat the orange fats soaked in the sauce of your Pork Adobo with Crabs (a Pampango delicacy).

5. Drink soft drinks instead of water (to some, drink beer instead of water/soft drinks). It's Christmas! Let's drink and be merry!

6. Don't measure your intake of peanuts and pistachios. Recent studies show that they don't cause arthritis.

7. Sleep 10-11 hours to combat the damaging effect of changes in weather and the demands of the holiday season.

8. Don't run very early in the morning or you might catch cold brought about by the December chill.

9. Don't run late afternoon or you might catch cold brought about by the evening breeze or sudden downpour of rain.

10. Don't feel guilty if you can't find time to exercise. Shopping for gifts for 10 days will suffice as exercise.

And I was wondering how I gained 10 lbs.???

Thank God I ran today . . . under the rain.

10 days to go before the PSE Bull Run.

Will I make it in time? (lose the 10 lbs. of lechon, queso de bola, crab fats, etc.)

Will I finish my first 10K race without the proper training and preparation?

There's only one way to find out.

See you all at the PSE Bull Run!


  1. Hi Nora. No wonder there have been updates on your running lately. Eating pala ang naging hobby mo. :D

    See you at the PSE BullRun. Quennie might not be able to make it due to a weekend meeting. Pag hindi tuloy, she'll be at the PSE Run too.

  2. Hah hah . . . actually Jinoe OVEReating ang naging pastime ko during the holiday season!

    I was forced to run without stopping to walk 'coz I was wearing the visor this morning. I was screaming "Jinoe, you must be proud of me, man!" Siempre, nakakahiya namang may makakita sa aking naglalakad ako eh naka visor pa!

    Naku nabawasan ng isa ang supporters ko if Quennie can't make it. I am confident that I could pull it through because I know our runner friends will be there to boost my confidence.

  3. Nora, you will lose 1 pound per kilometer in the Bull Run. See you there.

  4. Rico, I intend to lose 1 lb. per day before the PSE Bull Run heh heh . . .

    I'm very excited for this run, because aside from the fact that it will be my first 10K, it will be my first time to run surrounded with almost all the runner friends. Sa 5K kasi, ilan lang kami.

    Plus the thought na baka mang libre ka uli ng taho hah hah . . .

  5. Good luck and have fun on your first 10k Nora.

    Rico is right, as you run longer the more calories you lose, so don't worry too much about the extra pounds.

    I'm also excited to see you crossing the 10k finish line upright, smiling, and both hands raised in victory. Pictures naman agad please after the race.

  6. Mabuti na lang wala sa hapag namin ang nos. 1 to 5 during the holidays, all I got are nos. 8 and 9, but I managed to gain 4 lbs. still, tsk tsk.

    Now, we're back to old school (of running). Fitness ulit. See you t the bull run. Don't be over excited or you might not get enough sleep before the race.

  7. dont worry. you will lose the 10 lbs in no time....hopefully :-). at our age ( im 45 yrs old. ) its harder to lose the fat. but whats good about gaining weight and extended rest day you are motivated to run more after and concentrate on your running goals. take care - patrick concepcion / runningshield

  8. First 10k for first race in 2009! A good start for the year. Good luck Nora and ok lang to eat last December. Think of it as reward na lang for all your running achievements :)

  9. Hi nora, you still have a few more days to be back in shape. Ingat lang not to over do it at baka wala na matira power on race day. See you at the PSE Bull Run!

  10. Will keep that in mind Bong--raise my hands in victory when I reach the 10k finish line (that is, IF I do finish!)

  11. I wonder who among us didn't gain wight during the holiday season? It's good you only have 4 lbs of extra fat, Vener. Isang takbo lang yan, tanggal agad! See you!

  12. At OUR age Patrick? I'm 6 years older than you! But you're right though. The extra fat we carry is enough inspiration for us to run longer. But in my case, pinigilan ko ang sarili ko na tumakbo agad ng 10k at baka mabigla eh mauwi sa injury. I'm gonna take it slow. My goal is only to finish my first 10K, di bale ng last heh heh . . .

  13. Now THAT's a nice way to put it, Dennis. Hindi na ako guilty! Thank you. Hope to see you Jan. 18!

  14. Very nice suggestion Bro J. Yes, I'm almost tempted to run 10K right away but I didn't. I don't want to miss my first 10K race because of injury. I'm gonna finish it, kahit na gumapang pa ako!

  15. That's the spirit, Nora! I felt that way too when I first did the 10k. I thought, even if I have to crawl, I'd cross the finish line!

    But don't worry, the nerves, the worrying, the what-if-di-ko-makaya fretting, all this isn't usually warranted. It'll be easy for you, you'll be surprised :-)

  16. I know it will be easy for me MJ, coz you'll be there to carry (este support) me, together with Anna & her runaholic family, Gigi, Bro. J & Baby, Vener & Christy, Jinoe & Quennie, Jaymie, Rico, Nats, Dennis, my cousin Jun & his recruits and hopefully our other runner friends will be there too para the more, the merrier!