Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Happy (Ex-Anniversary) Run

Jan. 25, 1997:
Dressed in my long, fully-beaded silver gown hugging my 35-25-35 figure, I happily walked down the aisle to tie the knot with the one person I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. It was a joyous occasion witnessed by 250 guests, friends and relatives.

Jan. 25, 2009: Clad in my Happy Run singlet and bright yellow shorts, I happily walked (and ran) with my 2 kids whom I would definitely spend the rest of my life with. It was a joyous occasion participated by 2,500 guests, friends and runners.

Yes, it's supposedly our 12th wedding anniversary, had I remained the battered wife to my children's father. In order to regain my dignity as a human being, I chose to be single again. To run free and once more feel how it was to be fully alive.

Yes, I wanted to be truly happy. For my sake and for the sake of my two precious jewels.

And joining Drew Arellano's Happy Run was a fun way of celebrating my freedom.

We arrived at the Fort when the crowd was singing "Happy Birthday" to Drew. I wanted to wish the runner friends good luck, especially Johnny Sy who'll be running his first 15K ever so we proceeded to the entrance of the starting area. On our way there, we saw Bro J and Baby!

From where we're standing, I tried to look for familiar faces but just couldn't.

We tried to enter the barricade but the Marshall stopped us. According to him, only the 15K runners were allowed to enter. The next batch would be the 5K runners. The 3K runners will be the last.

Grr . . . I was upset. It's good that Drew and Bianca were on stage to entertain us.

We were right in front of the stage that Eia's name was mentioned by Drew. He also welcomed and thanked Jaymie, the Bullrunner for participating in the Happy Run. I didn't look for Jaymie anymore 'coz I was sure she would be inside the pen already. I knew that she'll be running 15K.

There was a short stretching workout led by a Fitness First instructress. It was actually my first time to stretch before a race. I always forget to stretch even after I run.

Then the countdown began. First, the 15K runners followed by the 5K participants then Drew announced that we had 3 minutes to converge inside. We positioned ourselves somewhere in the middle. I prayed that Eia won't throw a tantrum and Gio would beat his 36:50 time in Yakult.

And God didn't only answer my prayer but gave me more.

Eia enjoyed the race every step of the way! Of course once in a while she would complain of being tired but she never asked me to carry her.

And Gio seemed to be enjoying himself too! More so when he received free samba (thanks, Rico!), doughnut, and apple. (His finish time was 35:21, slightly lower than Yakult)

When Jenny saw Nanette Medved, she, too was extremely happy!

On the way back, I was prodding Eia to run because the finish line's already near. I was talking to her when somebody passed by and said "hi, golden girl". I'm very sorry but before I was able to acknowledge your greeting, you were gone!

Then I heard my name being called again. This time, it was Baby (Bro J's swthrt). She complained of pain and was struggling to go uphill. I left Eia with Jenny and accompanied her on her way up until the final right turn to the finish line.

Upon running back, I met Vimz. I ran ahead of her to catch her photo:

Then Jenny went ahead and ran with Gio. Eia and I just walked until we reached the dragon, whom Eia feared very much. I told her we should run so the dragon won't catch us. Besides, the finish line was already in sight. With that, Eia ran with all her might.

Romy (nanay's driver for 30 years), also brought his own camera but couldn't catch us so our shot was taken from behind.

The clock read 36:27 when we arrived at the finish line. Wow! That's almost 25 minutes off her first race at Yakult. This time, my daughter Eia wasn't the last to finish. Yehey!!

But there was no certificate given to us. I asked Coach Rio who was on stage with Drew where I could get the certificate and he just pointed his finger towards his right. Eia and I went to that direction and I was shocked to see different queues for different booths. When my head was about to spin, I heard somebody called my name again.

It was Baby, with Mae (blogger in my own views) and Manny (IceOne)!

After a while I saw Anna, my cousin Jun and son Gio:

Then Gio disappeared with Jenny while Paulo and Eia joined us in these photos:

I loved to stay longer but had to go home right away. My mother had to go to Tagaytay to settle some very important matters.

See you in future races!


  1. Sounded like a really happy run, Tita Nora. Congratulations!

    I think you're a great mom. :)

  2. Nora, may you have more running anniversaries to come :-)

    The pretty lady in black pala was Nanette Medved. She was so sweet with very cute children in tow.

    I hope Gio liked the samba chocolate. It is my cheap but good alternative to the more expensive Ferrero Rocher.

    See you at the races.

  3. Hi Nora,

    I am happy for you...you are really moving on and growing beautifully inside and out... congratulations for being able to recall the pass with no more pain in your heart...congrats too for gio and eia!

  4. AWWWWW! i missed you again. really wanted to see you and say hi. i want to meet your kids too. im glad you had a great race and i hope will see each other soon. about your Happy Ex- Aniversary. i pray for the best always for you and im sure God has his plan for you. take care

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Ganns! Hope to see you in future races. Good luck!

  6. Yes, Rico. Gio liked it very much. Thank you! You're so thoughtful.

  7. Thanks Anna! Inggit pa rin ako sa figure mo. You have to tell me your secret!

  8. I was also a bit sad when I learned that you were there Patrick . . . Sayang we didn't see each other. We had to leave early. Will e-mail you. Hope to run with you during your very slow runs hehe . . .

    Thanks for the prayers. God bless you and your family!

  9. Nora, my dear friend, congrats on your Happy Ex anniversary. I'm afraid age has caught up with me as my right knee is not fit enough to run on for quite some time now. Hopefully I can join you in one of your runs next year 2010. We plan to come home in July for our 35th San Sebastian HS reunion. Guess I'll have a reason if you run a faster lap time...lol...Be safe and send my regards to Nanay, Tatay, Gio and Eia.

  10. Thanks Ador! Hope the knee is better now. I'll be looking forward to run with you and Cristy in 2010! Will e-mail you. Take care and regards to Cristy, Joby, Rosette and Mark.

  11. Hi Nora, thank you for pushing me there in Essensa. It was such a very thoughtful and sweet act. Though the pains lingered, I was able to finish it well. Quite sad that my official time was a minute longer than what registered in my Timex.... maybe due to queue in 5K finish line...But other than that, it was a happy run... especially with friends like you around...God Bless!

  12. Nora,
    i like your smile, it really shows that you were very happy and enjoy the run last sunday...

  13. nora, nice meeting you and eia! i already grabbed our pictures. hehe! thanx
    see you again soon!

  14. Nora, as you know, I'm always happy for you! Good that the running is going well. Also, please say hello to Gio and Eia for me. Take care please!

  15. It was my pleasure, Baby! I'm sure you'll do the same for me, given reversed situation. Don't be sad about the 1 minute difference. Ako nga, 5 minutes ang difference sa PSE Bull Run!

    I really hope you seek professional help for that lingering pain. It's really hard to train and race with that problem.

    Regards to Bro J!

  16. Haha . . . thank you Jerry! Hope to see you again in future races. Let's talk in Ilonngo when we meet.

  17. I'm very very happy that we finally met Mae. Hopefully, next time we have more time to chat.

  18. Thanks Wayne! You know that you were instrumental with Gio's interest in running. I hope all's well with you. See you in 10 months!

  19. hi nora, here's wishing you more happy runs and happy everything in life.i think happiness will always come to you kasi you are a nice person. ;) hopefully we could chat more in future runs. see you soon! ;)

  20. Hi Nora! :-) First things first... your kids are lovely! They look like little darlings!

    I was smiling all the time while reading your account. It does sound like you had great fun, and what a significant day it was for you pala. You didn't just run through those kilometers; you also ran past and overcame serious obstacles in real life, and just look where you are now. I'm very happy for you :-)

    I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. My schedule is unbelievable these days! Sobrang toxic, exams and all. Pero just one more semester to go...

    Take care always. Hugs to the kids :-)

  21. Oo nga vimz. We didn't get the chance to chat last Sunday. Nagmamadali kasi kami. Di bale. Dami pa namang races in the future.

    How sweet naman . . . thanks!

    Take care, vimz!

  22. MJ! Believe me my kids are no longer little darlings, but your lovely daughters are!

    I still believe that I should celebrate Jan. 25 because without my wedding (kahit annulled na), I won't experience the real meaning of happiness. I thank God for giving me my Ex-husband who gave me Gio and Eia. I cannot imagine my life without them.

    Good luck in your studies, mj. Maybe someday you'll be adventurous enough to run in MOA with me. Sagot ko ang breakfast!

  23. Happy run indeed, hinahanap ka namin sa race yun pala nakauwi ka na. Anyway, I hope to see you again on the future races. God bless you all.

  24. First time nating di nagkita, Vener. Had to go right away. Dala ko kasi driver at sasakyan ng nanay ko hehe . . .

    Regards to Christy!

  25. Hi Nora, the smile on your faces says it all, a happy run indeed! Hope to meet up with you in future runs..

  26. Yes, Chito! Hope to see you in future races. Congratulations for running the Singapore Marathon! You're an inspiration.