Monday, July 20, 2009

All Alone in Run For Home

I'm supposed to start this story with the Pre-Race portion but for whatever reason, I couldn't position the pictures in the manner that they should appear. And so, I have no choice but to start this blog with the ending.


Nothing beats the pleasure of meeting running friends after the race! (More so when you ran all alone during the race . . . )

With the sultry Running Diva, Roselle!

With the growing family!

A souvenir pose with Run For Home route map as background.

With a truly inspiring group of running friends Christy, Johnny, the One and Only Jaymie, Mariel, Jun C., Annie, Miguel, Jay and Vener! Finally, I got my copies of the TBR mag which the whole running community is raving about. Thank you, Jaymie!

With the soulmates and solemates Jun C. and Mariel! Hope to run with you, Mariel, in future races.

A very happy reunion with Johnny, Christy and Jay!

With the dynamic duo Vener and Christy, my ever faithful guardian angels!

With the lovely running couple Mark and Tiffin, Jinoe and a fellow family member.

That's me waving before reaching the finish line.

Now let's go to where the story should start.

I registered at Fitness First SM Southmall branch last July 11, 2009. The people who attended to me were warm and accommodating, making my stay at the lobby enjoyable even though it took me almost one hour to be fully registered. Anyway, watching the weight watchers sweating it out with the different gym equipments delighted my attention and didn't even realize that I was sitting there for some time already.

It rained cats and dogs for the whole week. Didn't get the chance to run even for a brief time. Came Saturday, July 18. It was the last day of picking up race packets. No choice but to go all the way to the Fort, or I won't be able to join the maiden voyage of the disposable timing chip (not to mention the P500 that I paid for it).

It wasn't raining anymore when we left Las Pinas City but when we were about to park the car in front of the Globe tents in BGC, strong winds crashed the Globe tents down to the ground. At first I thought they were the claiming booths. I asked the person who seemed to be the one in charge and he informed me that I could just walk and proceed at the back of the building near Nike. I could claim my race packet at the Globe tent situated in that area.

I saw the sign "Fitness First Registrants" and gave my coupon to the lady in front of a laptop. The other lady wrote my name on the race envelope and asked for my size. I told her "Medium". She placed my singlet inside and I was off in less than 1 minute. Wow! That was fast.

It started to rain again so I had to run back to the car. I braved through the muddy field in my newly bought bakya, inflicting wounds on my feet. But I didn't mind. I was too happy to look at my race bib and disposable timing chip.

Race Day:

Left the house at 4:50 AM and proceeded to the the same parking area where we parked the day before. No trouble getting a space. I made a quick stop at the portalet, missing the pre-race warm-up by Fitness First.

I then searched for familiar faces but saw no one I recognize. I guess everybody I know left already at 5 AM. Quennie's running in U.P. My cousin Jun couldn't make it. Oh no! That meant I'll be running alone (sigh).

Race Proper:

I positioned myself in the middle of the pack, beside the 16-year old Jennica. I started talking to her but I remembered Roselle's blog that some runners don't like to chat during races so when we crossed the starting mat, I slowly drifted away from her.

I'm used to train alone but I'm not used to be running alone in races. I needed a friend to talk with. I tried to talk to myself but it didn't work. It was a terrible, empty feeling.

The route was the same as that of the Mizuno Infinity Run last June 7. I should be able to handle it better this time.

Sadly, I didn't.

The first half went well. I crossed the mat at 32 minutes in my watch (although this wasn't reliable 'coz I forgot to start my stopwatch right after I cross the mat at the starting line).

On the way back, I had to stop for water before reaching the Buendia flyover. Something I've never done in a race. As I climbed the flyover, I felt pain on my upper thighs I had to stop and walk a few steps. I've never walked in a race either. Also, my left foot was killing me. I had no idea how I managed to ascend and descend the flyover.

When I saw the next water station, I again stopped and quenched my thirst. My, my, my. This race had a lot of firsts. The idea of not finishing the race was about to play in my mind when I heard the Marshal say "1 km for 10k runners". I said to myself: "I only have to run from the house to the guard house. That's all I have to do to finish this race." And so I went on to finish the longest 1 kilometer run I've done so far.

As I approach the finish line, the clock read 1:20:30.
I had a better time at Mizuno!
How could that be? I didn't run for 5 months and yet I finished at 1:20:01 in Mizuno.
Now that I had proper training, I clocked 1:20:30! I couldn't think of any logical explanation to this reversal of outcome.
I would gladly welcome your opinion on this matter if you have any.


  1. i also use that in the tough last kilometers - egging myself on by comparing it with familiar distances. hehe.

    anyway don't feel too bad about the 30 seconds! it's a very small difference! and all runners have bad days. i'm sure there'd be better races!

  2. Dear Nora - Missed to see you again last Sunday. Hope to meet you one of these days. Nice race recap.

  3. Hi Nora! We weren't able to see you last Sunday. We had to leave early for church.
    It's good that you're back in the running scene...Congratulations! we also had a good run!

    BroJ and Baby

  4. Nora, there could be one reason or a lot of reasons. It could be how one feels on a given day, the course, the difficulty, the weather... That's the mystery of our sport.

    I know you're enjoying it and continued training for the 16K coming up. Take care and have a good week ahead!

  5. Hi Tita Nora! Congratulations on completing your run! I don't know if I could've come any closer to doing a time like that. Your performance was stellar!

    I also don't like to talk during a run because I tend to focus on my music and just trying not to drop dead. LOL In hindsight, I've never really had anyone to talk to, save for Race for Life (Oct 08), and I told my friend Alden to go ahead because I was really holding him back.

    If ever we run into each other at a race, we can definitely chat on the run, but you're going to have to leave me behind because I'm going to slow you down! LOL

  6. Ms. Nora hi! :D Nice to see you last Sunday. Sultry? hahaha Naks naman. Anyway, regarding what you told me about your race don't be sad please. There'll be other races and do well, beat your time next time. Most important thing po you reached the finish line. Alone? Not really. :D As for not improving your time even if you trained well sometimes we do have those kind of days. Bawi na lang! ;) Carry on!

  7. you were in a hurry to finish that race because you were alone, that's why you set a new PR. hahaha! CONGRATS!

  8. congratulations on your running. regards to your kids hope to see you on future races - patrick concepcion

  9. You're still a winner, and will always be a winner, that's the bottom line. Good to see you again.

    Regards: vnr & xty

  10. Hi nora, thanks for your info regarding the missing comment button on my recent post. Kaya pala wala na nag-comment sa mga post ko, hehehe. Anyway, i also posted your comment sa tamang posting. Thanks, hope to see you again.

  11. Ganon ka din pala Wilson? Pero sa totoo lang, 1 km na lang pero parang ang layo pa ng distance! And to think, 10k race lang yon. Pano na kaya kung 42k? Gagapang na siguro ako sa last few kms heh heh . . .

    Yes, there will always be good and better and bad days. Sana lang, we learn from our mistakes para di na maulit.

  12. Oo nga Amado. Di na naman tayo nagkita. Di bale. Now that I'm back, we'll surely meet in future races.

  13. Super sad nga ako Bro. J kasi di ko kayo nakita. Excited pa naman akong batiin si Baby for her first 21k. Congratulations to her!

  14. Yes, Wayne. I'm back and enjoying every minute of it. It's OK if I don't achieve my goal of 65-69 minutes. I finished injury-free and that's more important.

    I will soon start my training for 16k Wayne. Wish me luck!

  15. Ganns, I'd love to run and chat with you! Talking while running is therapeutic for me. But I know that some runners don't like to chat so I'm more prudent now.

    Don't worry about the time Ganns. Just enjoy your runs. Better times will follow.

  16. Thanks, Roselle! Gusto ko pa ngang dagdagan yong sultry heh heh . . .

    I must admit I was sad at first but you're right. There are still future races where I could beat my time. Try and try again until I succeed.

  17. Ikaw talaga Mae. Di ko nga nabeat PR ko! You must be reading my post very fast kaya na miss mo yong last part. Hope to see you next time.

  18. Thanks Patrick! And thank you for the e-mail.

    Take care!

  19. Sabi ko na nga ba ever faithful ang guardian angel ko eh. Thanks Vener! Kita kits uli tayo. Regards to Christy.