Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running With One Arm

My son Gio arrived very late yesterday, only to inform me that he needed fabric paint for his school project.

I immediately took a shower and then left for RFC Dept. Store right after dinner. After 10 days of having only one arm I surprised myself by becoming an expert in doing things using my forehead, teeth, chin, hips, thighs, knees and feet in lieu of my left hand's 5 fingers which are still sore and painful until now.

I was planning a leisurely walk from our house to RFC but when I glanced at my watch, I realized that RFC will close in 15 minutes. I decided to ride the tricycle at the next street but we didn't even reach the gate when it had to stop because of the long queue of vehicles trying to get out of Philamlife Village. Heavy traffic has been a familiar sight ever since our village became part of the "friendship route".

No time to lose. I gave the driver my fare then ran towards Zapote-Alabang Road going to RFC.

Oh no! Some stalls at the ground floor were already closed.

I flew to the 3rd floor and when I got there, the only remaining light was on the cashier area.

In between heavy sighs and breaths, I begged the person closing the door that I only needed pink and violet fabric paint. Staring at my fiberglass covered arm, he took pity on me and searched for the materials I specified. I hurriedly paid for the items, thanked the cashier and left.

On my way back, I dropped by my favorite fruit stand and bought 1kg bananas, 2kg santol and 1kg rambutan. I wanted to walk but had to take the tricycle for my arm started to be uncomfortably painful.

As I recall the events of yesterday, I wouldn't have made it on time but I did.

I made it because I ran.

Thank God I'm a runner!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Friday, Aug. 14, 2009 was the perfect day for tennis and running.

My daughter Eia announced in the morning that she'd like to play tennis after school. It was their last day of exams and will be dismissed earlier than usual.

Perfect! From Eia's school we proceeded directly to the tennis court and there Eia enjoyed having the court on her own (her Kuya Gio was dead tired to go with us).

It's OK for me even if i couldn't play. I figured I could still run after I bring Eia home and change my shoes.

But after 50 minutes, Eia declared to Coach Sonny that it's my turn.

And so I complied and took over the tennis court.

I was only getting warmed up when I excitedly ran backwards to hit an overhead ball. The change in pace happened so fast that I suddenly felt out of balance.

By instinct, I tried to support myself with my left hand (was holding the racquet with my right hand) to prevent a bad fall.

The next thing I knew, I was down on the ground struggling with the agonizing pain in my twisted wrist.

Strange . . . in my mind, I thought "Lord, thank you it's not my leg or feet."

Coach Sonny yelled for help and in an instant, Coach Pitik was wrapping ice on my hand which he carefully placed on a bamboo splint. He also made an improvised sling to support my left arm.

Since it was impossible for me to drive, I called Ate Ella to come over to take care of Eia then we requested the tricycle driver to bring us to Perpetual Help Hospital.

I was immediately given an intravenous pain reliever (which didn't work so had to be given a much stronger dose an hour later) when we arrived at E.R. After securing my arm with the medical sling, I was wheeled to the X-ray room for a diagnostic picture of my forearm.

The resident physician contacted the orthopedic surgeon accredited by Philamcare but unfortunately, he was about to board the plane for an overseas trip (the other orthopedic surgeon accredited by Philamcare operating in Perpetual Hospital passed away last week involving a car accident along a flyover).

The advice was to cover my arm with a temporary cast and follow it up with an orthopedic surgeon.

And Dr. Lopez did just that.

My friend Mimi recommended other orthopedic surgeons based in Perpetual Help but nobody had clinic hours the following day, Saturday.

Yesterday morning, I had the chance to consult with Dr. Edgardo Sevilla.

I showed him my X-ray results which read:


Dr. Sevilla suggested a procedure called "closed reduction" to remedy the problem.

However, I need to present to him a C/P (Cardio/Pulmonary) Clearance before he could implement the procedure. This, according to him, is necessary for patients 40 and above (ouch!) undergoing a General Anesthesia.

I thought getting the clearance was easy but I was advised to have a chest X-ray, ECG and 2-D ECHO before I'll be given one. I already finished the first 2 but will still have to wait until tomorrow for my 2-D ECHO.

Thank you Jay and Jaymie for the get well wishes over runradio.

Take care, everyone!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Life And In Death--Thank You, Tita Cory!

Ever since I started training in May 2007, I have been dreaming to run with Jaymie (then the "newbie" runner, now the famous and fabulous TBR).

After more than 2 years and 2 months of rigorous praying, my dream finally became a reality!

And this elusive dream would have remained just a dream if not for Tita Cory's sublime intervention.

Even in death, Tita Cory proved to be powerful in unifying the Filipino people.

With Jaymie initiating the "Run for Cory", runners converged in Ayala Alabang, U.P., MOA, Makati and the Fort to dedicate one special run in honor of one great leader.

I was very fortunate to join the group of runners that ran around Alabang Country Club. Although many runners signified their intention to join, the gusty wind and rainshowers prevented most of them to fulfill this desire.

Thanks to Jun and Anna (the meekrunner), I had no problem arriving on the said venue before 7 AM. Soon after, we were joined by Bambi, Miguel and Jaymie, Sir Ipe, Francis, Ardy, Pat and other runners. Later during the run, the flying couple Mark and Tiffin just appeared from nowhere heh heh . . .

I don't know where this was taken but it was a place where the fast runners waited for me and Anna (thank you guys for patiently waiting for us). Anna and me were joking to each other "Easy run nila ang 7 mins/km, sa atin hard na yon."

It was my first run in Ayala Alabang and it couldn't have been better. I was in good company, running to honor someone great enough to be a hero and a saint.

Taken after that wonderful 8.7km run with the football field as background. I enjoyed it so much I was still energized to run another 5k but Anna had to go home right away.

Thank you, Jaymie for initiating this run. I promise I'll train harder so you won't wait long for me the next time.

And thank you, Tita Cory! Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.