Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Friday, Aug. 14, 2009 was the perfect day for tennis and running.

My daughter Eia announced in the morning that she'd like to play tennis after school. It was their last day of exams and will be dismissed earlier than usual.

Perfect! From Eia's school we proceeded directly to the tennis court and there Eia enjoyed having the court on her own (her Kuya Gio was dead tired to go with us).

It's OK for me even if i couldn't play. I figured I could still run after I bring Eia home and change my shoes.

But after 50 minutes, Eia declared to Coach Sonny that it's my turn.

And so I complied and took over the tennis court.

I was only getting warmed up when I excitedly ran backwards to hit an overhead ball. The change in pace happened so fast that I suddenly felt out of balance.

By instinct, I tried to support myself with my left hand (was holding the racquet with my right hand) to prevent a bad fall.

The next thing I knew, I was down on the ground struggling with the agonizing pain in my twisted wrist.

Strange . . . in my mind, I thought "Lord, thank you it's not my leg or feet."

Coach Sonny yelled for help and in an instant, Coach Pitik was wrapping ice on my hand which he carefully placed on a bamboo splint. He also made an improvised sling to support my left arm.

Since it was impossible for me to drive, I called Ate Ella to come over to take care of Eia then we requested the tricycle driver to bring us to Perpetual Help Hospital.

I was immediately given an intravenous pain reliever (which didn't work so had to be given a much stronger dose an hour later) when we arrived at E.R. After securing my arm with the medical sling, I was wheeled to the X-ray room for a diagnostic picture of my forearm.

The resident physician contacted the orthopedic surgeon accredited by Philamcare but unfortunately, he was about to board the plane for an overseas trip (the other orthopedic surgeon accredited by Philamcare operating in Perpetual Hospital passed away last week involving a car accident along a flyover).

The advice was to cover my arm with a temporary cast and follow it up with an orthopedic surgeon.

And Dr. Lopez did just that.

My friend Mimi recommended other orthopedic surgeons based in Perpetual Help but nobody had clinic hours the following day, Saturday.

Yesterday morning, I had the chance to consult with Dr. Edgardo Sevilla.

I showed him my X-ray results which read:


Dr. Sevilla suggested a procedure called "closed reduction" to remedy the problem.

However, I need to present to him a C/P (Cardio/Pulmonary) Clearance before he could implement the procedure. This, according to him, is necessary for patients 40 and above (ouch!) undergoing a General Anesthesia.

I thought getting the clearance was easy but I was advised to have a chest X-ray, ECG and 2-D ECHO before I'll be given one. I already finished the first 2 but will still have to wait until tomorrow for my 2-D ECHO.

Thank you Jay and Jaymie for the get well wishes over runradio.

Take care, everyone!


  1. oh get well soon nora! we missed you at Urbanite last Saturday. hmm, antagal na natin di nagkikita pala...

  2. Naku Vimz mukhang matatagalan pa tayong magkita uli. Hopefully by week end I'll have a clear idea of what my future holds.

  3. Get well soon Nora!!! We will pray for your return to health.

    Ingat and regards.

    Mark & Tiffin

  4. I read this post just this morning, medyo nagloloko ang connection namin eh... Get well soon.

  5. Hi Nora, I hope your fracture would get well soon. Did the doctor tell you that you can still run even with the cast?

  6. To the lovely flying couple Mark & Tiffin, thank you! Ingat kayong dalawa ha.

  7. Thanks Mae! Toka ko naman ngayon heh heh . . . hope by now your knee's completely healed.

  8. Talagang tinanong ko yan Taki. Sadly, the answer is NO. And even if pwede, masakit pag nagalaw. Hopefully after the "close reduction" procedure, the situation will be better.

    Thank u and regards to Meg.

  9. Get well soon Nora, hope we could see you in no time. Rest well, best regards.


  10. Ouch, Nora! Be careful next time...we're not getting any younger anymore:-) Have a nice rest and get to run soon!

  11. Ms. Nora, hope you are well now. Take care...

  12. Yes, Rene. Extra careful na dapat. Di pa nga tayo nagkita, madedelay pa lalo ngayon.

  13. The pain is now minimized, Roselle. Take care, too.

  14. Hi Nora! I hope you get well soon.You are really one brave and jolly person. With an injury like that, most people would be whining in pain, but with you, it's like nothing,you still could afford that perpetual smile in front of the camera.

    Take care.

  15. Hah hah . . . it's the way I am, Bong. I could still laugh because prior to the accident, I read about this woman who lost both arms and legs and yet survived to be a rehab doctor.

    I was actually thanking God that I could feel the pain in my hand, which meant that my arm was still intact.

  16. Hi Nora,

    got a bit of frustration when i learned that accident kasi for sure our date on Sep 20 might not push thru...at any rate...all things work for good so...we should not be sad...get well soon and let's just set another date my friend... see you soon! take care!

  17. Yes, Anna. Matutuloy din date natin. Kaya lang, in His time, not ours. Think of me in your runs. Take care . . .

  18. Hoy kiti2, ingat naman dyan.
    Buti na lang, ganda ng posing mong nakabenda.

  19. Haha . . . hirap talagang magpanggap na bata ang gurang na, Jes! Ang bigay na bola sa akin ni Coach, pang 15 lang, eh ang buto ko, 51 na! Ingat ka din sa badminton mo.

  20. Hi Nora,
    Thanks for dropping by my site.
    Its sad that you can't run, not yet but I do hope your OK for the upcoming races...
    Btw, yes Jun 6 din bday ko- cheers to the happy people like us!


  21. I knew it! When I saw your profile and learned that you're a Gemini, I had the feeling that we have the same b-day.

    YES! Cheers to us!

  22. Nora, so sad to hear about your accident :-( Get well soon.



  23. MJ! It's been a loooong time. Hope you're doing well in sch. Take care.

  24. Oh no! Nora! Sorry to hear about your injury. Get well soon! Hehe, medyo dangerous din pala cross-training running with tennis :-)

    Take care!

  25. Aksidente lang talaga Gene. It can happen to anyone (even to children).

    Take care too.

  26. get well soon Mrs. Nora your blog is very inspiring.
    regards to your kids.

  27. Thank you, francis. Do approach me when you see me in future races. It would be nice to know the takbo.ph members personally.

  28. Sorry Nora just read this now. I really hope you're better and can join the races again soon. Wishing you complete and fast recovery. -Mariel

  29. Thanks Mariel. Will probably be back on the road in October, assuming no complications.

  30. Hahahha I laughed out on the " thank god its not my feet/leg" You know what, i feel the same way too! :P

    well maybe I'll be affected on my arms too since ill be needing my arms for paddling when I surf. :) Lol

    Wait, you're from here, down south?

  31. Welcome back Kassy. Yes! I live at the back of Starmall Las Pinas. Are we near each other?

  32. Hi Nora...how are you now? Hope you're better...

  33. Hi Meg! I try not to mind the pain, but it just wouldn't go away. Hopefully by next week, I will be better.