Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Resurrection

There is no excuse for not training.

Simply put, you failed to train because you were lazy. You find all the excuses (alibis actually) in the world why you couldn't possibly run but the truth is, you just lost the passion.

You hate to admit it but you're slowly being hooked to stay comfortably under the covers of your soft bed during rainy mornings, and have become a T.V. addict during late afternoons.

You just wish for something or someone or anything that would alter this curse and snap you out of your comfort zone.

Then it happened.

Your birthday is fast approaching and you suddenly remember why you thought of running in the first place.

I started training in May 2007 to run my first 5K on my 50th birthday the following year. It's my way of telling (more of consoling) myself that "Life Begins at 50".

Because of the storm, my first 5k race was rescheduled to July 6, 2008--exactly one month after my 50th birthday.

It was a dream come true for me! I had lingering doubts if I could ever do it but I eventually did. I finished my first 5k race at 38:27 minutes.

The memory of finally crossing the finish line started to play in my mind again. I vividly recalled I challenged myself that on my next birthday, I will run 10k.

I trained for 14 solid months to run 5k on my 50th birthday but this time around, I haven't run for 5 looong months. Sure, I lack the proper training to run 10k last June 7 but I just felt in my bones that I had to do it. Ready or not, joining a race to celebrate my 51st birthday was the best way for me to be back on track again.

Yes, I ran 10k one day after my 51st birthday during the Mizuno Infinity Run. This proved that if you only put your mind into it, you can do what you want even though it seemed impossible.

This was the antidote I was hoping for. After the struggle I went through in overcoming the Buendia flyover, the whole agonizing experience jolted me from my "quarantine" and resurrected the passion hiding somewhere deep inside me.

Last June 21, I celebrated Father's Day (one of my multiple roles) by enjoying my longest run ever.

I left the car at home and headed for my favorite hilly route in BF Resort Village. I clocked 1:32:39 upon entering our gate. My thighs and feet were aching but my heart was fully alive!

Along the way, I passed by men and women half my age who were only walking on the uphill route. This boosted my self-confidence and inspired me to run even faster.

There were times, however, when I was almost tempted to stop or walk back home because of the pains in my lower body but I told myself I have no right to call myself a runner if I don't push myself to the limit.

Yes! The passion is back!

I am running again and I hope you won't get tired seeing me at the race for the next 51 years hah hah hah . . .