Wednesday, October 5, 2011


November is fast approaching.  Would you believe my father and my only daughter share the same birthday?

Tatay will be 87 this Nov. 11 while Eia will be turning 12.  Their difference in age is exactly 75 years!

And this year, they will celebrate their natal days on 11-11-11.  Last year, I was thinking of doing something really great for this once-in-a-lifetime event but up to this writing, I haven't finalized any plan yet.  I must be getting old.  I just refuse to admit it.

My original plan was to execute Eia's first major major concert.  I was even excited to announce it last year to some friends and relatives to mark their calendars.  I dunno what hit me (menopausal drama I guess) but I suddenly lost the passion to pursue Eia's dream for her.  Someday I definitely will.  But not this coming 11-11-11 (I'm so sorry Coach...)

I believe in my heart that my daughter's dream will be magically fulfilled but it simply has to wait.

In God's time, not mine.


  1. Woww... ang ganda naman ng birthdate nila Tita Nora. You may want Boyoyongs po for their natal day, medyo expensive nga lang sila and they might not appreciate the Clowns anymore :)

  2. Hah hah . . . my father would probably appreciate the clowns. Di pa kasi uso noon.

    You forgot to update me about your first Ultra. I hope it went well.