Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nine Months to Go

Shame on you--if you're thinking that I'm conceiving and will be giving birth in 9 months! I'm referring to the remaining nine months that we have to train for our 5k run (walk for most of my friends) on June 7, 2008. So let's see. What have we accomplished so far?

Let's take a look at our track record:

May -- started with 2k walk & 1/2k run, slowly increasing distance for both walks and runs
June-- 3.6k walk & 1.4k run
July -- 3k walk & 2k run
August -- 2.4k walk & 2.6k run
September target -- 1.8k walk & 3.2k run
October target -- 1.2k walk & 3.8k run
November target -- .6k walk & 4.4k run
December target -- 5k run

You might be wondering why I'm targetting December and not June 2008. Well, better to be ahead of schedule so that when something goes wrong and I have to prolong my training, I could still make it by June next year.

For those of you who still haven't started your training, you've got 9 months to go. Good luck! Hope to see you all on June 7, 2008.


  1. Hope to see you soon in one of the regular races. :)

  2. Hi! Nice to see one real runner in my blog (besides Jaymie). I really want to join the Run for Love this coming Saturday but as fate dictated, I can't. My next target is the Animo Run in November or the Mizuno Run in December. Hope to see you and Jaymie there.

  3. Hi, Nora! I wonder if you met your goal in December, with all the parties and reunions?

  4. Wonder no more. Yes, I did reach my goal but not in the way that I planned it to be. I wanted to run 5k straight but I still couldn't. I had to walk a few steps in between runs or I would collapse.