Monday, January 21, 2008

For the Love of God

Our 2008 started with a big bang. My son Gio was requested to be the second reader during the New Year's mass and he did it with utmost eloquence. He was again asked to serve yesterday but this time, as a psalmist. Our parish priest wanted the psalmists in all the masses to be children in celebration of the Feast of the Sto. Nino. The whole family (Tatay, Nanay, Eia, Ate Ella, Romy and T. Jenny) was all there with me to support my son in his first attempt as psalmist.

He practiced twice during the week, being a first-timer. I thought I wouldn't be nervous anymore because singing in public is no longer new for Gio. He already sang successfully in SM, in various parties and reunions.

When my son stepped up the pulpit and began to sing, I felt my whole body froze and my heart stopped beating. But every time he looked at me (I was seated on the first row), I managed to smile at him and nod my head, signalling him that he's doing great. I held my breath until he finished singing the last word. When it was finally over I couldn't stop murmuring "thank you, thank you Lord!"

Then it was offertory. My daughter Eia, with her Coke Light in Can filled with 25 centavo coins for the Pondong Pinoy, proudly led the line towards the altar. She handed her offering to the priest, stepped aside and patiently waited for everybody to offer their gifts and receive the priest's blessing. After that she gracefully walked back to our seat then gave me a big hug and kiss. I couldn't stop myself from crying while trying to follow the offertory song "Let's Exalt His Name Together". I felt so blessed for having two wonderful children who, in their ages 10 and 8, are already expressing their faithful love for God.


  1. He he :-) Ate Nora I know you're son very well. I was his teacher when he was in Prep right? Sa talino nyang yun, he can hurdle everything. What can I say, he did a very good job!

    Gio, God bess you with so much talents, how can you repay him for that? Well, just always put your feet on the ground and be happy in serving the Lord.

    I love you Eia and Gio. Your family is indeed a great blessing
    from above.

    Teacher Jenny

  2. Hi, T. Jenny!

    You are God's blessing to my family. That's why I consider you as my younger sister. I just wish and pray that you'll find the right man and that he'll love only you for the rest of his life.

    We all love you!

  3. ehehe....nakakatuwa naman ng buhay mo very colorful puede kang gumawa ng TV Series "Ang makulay na buhay ni Nora".

    Tingnan mo nga naman at ang lalaki na ng mga baby mo. Nakakatuwa sila at napalaki mo ng malapit sa Diyos. Pambihira ang mga bata ngayon na malapit sa Diyos kaya napakapalad mo sabi nga by fruits you will know them.


  4. Dear Mama,
    I also feel blessed
    to have such a wondereful
    and beautiful mother. Even
    when things are getting
    worse you are still there
    for me, supporting me in my
    decisions. All of my problems
    you have solved, all of
    my frowns you have turned it
    upside down. When I grow up
    I want to make a book entitled
    "A Mother's Love Will never Die"
    I hope it will be a bestseller
    P.S- I love you so much

    Your favorite son,

  5. My dear son Gio,

    Not only are you're a good speaker/singer--you've got the makings of a good writer too! I pray that you'll learn to develop your God-given talents and make this world a better place to live in.

    I love you very much, anak!
    Mwah . . .

  6. Hi, Jun!

    Swerte ng parish mo,at nagkaroon sila ng presidenteng katulad mo. I know your dedication to serve the Church. Ganyan din nga ang gusto ko para sa mga anak ko.

    It's nice to hear that you walk every other day. Maybe you can come to Manila this June to run 5k with me?


  7. Baka iwanan mo ako hehe sige sabihin mo ang exact date para makabili ng murang plane ticket. Ok see you.


  8. I was move by your story that was indeed very inspiring truely Life begins at 50 and beyond... keep running..


  9. Yes, Alfred. I will not stop running until my last breath. Will run 5k in the Milo Marathon this Aug. 3. Hope to see you there.