Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First VSO Run (Part 3)

(I'm sorry this came quite late. It was my father's 84th and my daughter's 9th birthdays yesterday. Everything has to be put on hold)

I'd like to think that I was running too fast that Jenny had trouble putting my image in the middle of this picture (that's me in the orange cap) heh heh . . . Nauna pa nga ako sa macho gwapitong naka Team Navy sa likod!

Taken right after the race. First time to be given a sports drink after crossing the finish line. Parang trophy ang dating sa akin, after conquering that hilly route!

After drinking my precious Rush, I planned to go back to the area before the finish line to shoot pictures of runner bloggers and much to my surprise, my fairy godmother again whisked her magic wand and there appeared right in front of me, Gigi and her adorable son Sky! It was truly, a magical moment for me. She was with her friend Jaimie but unfortunately, my official photographer failed to capture a pose with her. Maybe next time.

When I arrived at the entrance of the finish line, Bro J and Baby were also there. Sir Jovie came dashing in and we called out his name which he acknowledged by waving his hand. I took a shot of his enigmatic "finish look" but sadly, it turned out blank (still have to practice more with this digital camera. I had no problem before with the conventional camera).

Accepting the painful reality that I couldn't get decent shots of bloggers while they were running, I decided to wait at the exit of the finish line instead. On the way back I met my cousin Jun, holding his finisher's certificate. He advised me to get mine and I did.

With Jun and our future recruits: Jenny and Bembet with her 2 sons Bikoy & Paulo.

Then I looked around and saw more runner bloggers!

Top and below: With Vener and his wife Cristy, Joe the loonyrunner with his famous backpack and Dennis.

With Jinoe, the brains behind

The two love-birds of 11 solid years: Jinoe and Que!

With Jesse, Tanya and a friend.

Oh, my! Tanya and I look like mother and daughter . . . Could she be my long lost daughter?

To be continued . . .


  1. Hi Nora, its great meeting you personally. You're such a wonderful person. Christy & I had fun that sunday morning. See you again and best regards.

  2. Yes, Vener. It was really fun seeing you and Christy and the other runner bloggers. Of course we shall meet again. Hopefully next time, sabay kami ni Christy sa 5k start.

  3. Hi Nora, thanks for posting the pics. Hahaha... pawis. effort. :D See you again soon.

  4. Sos. Bagay na bagay nga sa yo ang pawis look, Jinoe. We'll surely meet again. Sana next time, we can also dine together and share some wonderful stories.

  5. we'll, as i see it, you really had a blast last sunday. with all those photo ops, i'm sure you'll be looking forward to every race in the future, to be with all those great people.

    i'll be leaving for thailand tomorrow, but will be back before the unicef run on the 23rd. too bad you will be at MOA.

    good luck on your ANIMO run, and hope that you can add more blogger photos to your ever growing collection. hehehehe

  6. Happy running in Thailand, Jun!

    Pass muna ako sa McKinley Hills. The spirit is willing, but the legs are weak hah hah . . .

    I promised myself the next time I will be running in the Fort, I will be ready for the hills.

    Pag wala na lahat ang sakit sa katawan ko, I will start my hill training.

    That's the reason why I will be in MOA in Nov. 23 and not at the Fort. Di pa kaya ng powers ko ang ascending terrain. Unlike you, practisado sa UP!

  7. Seems like you are having a good time with running Ms. Nora. Keep it up. You're fit! And, thanks too for your support to VSO run. Till we meet again!

  8. Thanks Roselle for the VSO Run. It's my most memorable run coz I finally met almost everybody there. I will definitely join all VSO Runs in the future (if God permits of course). Will I see you this Sunday?