Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Endings are Beginnings

Today, June 5, 2007, we said goodbye to our tennis coach. It's the last day of our summer training and I'm glad my son and I spent our vacation sweating it out on the tennis court. Of course, there was the usual grumbling "I am sooh tired I don't even feel I'm on vacation" from my favorite son. But it was all worth it. Now, there's an additional activity my son and I could enjoy playing beside board games and bowling.

Tomorrow is the official start of my 365-day training for my 5k run next year. I still have to convince my friends to run with me or I'll be left with the option to just join a 5k run organized by an institution or group.

Maybe I should make a tentative list whom I dream to run with me? Here it is:

1. Vins and Rica
2. Gay (please try to come next year), Ana, Claire and Agnes
3. Tess (please try to come next year), Pia, Trix and Lo-an
4. Grace (please try to come next year)
5. Mimi
6. Malou and Nika
7. Menchu
8. Elsa
9. Genevieve and Kring
10. Amvic
11. Myrna (please try to come next yr)
12. Leny (pls try to come next yr)
13. Agnes, Manay Linda, Cindy, Hanzel and Karen
14. Majel
15. Mel
16. Luz
17. Michelle (pls try to come next yr)
18. Cristy (pls try to come next yr) and Rosette
19. Zeny (Abad), Zabrina and Zorina
20. Angie and Charo
21. Ellen B.
22. Dorene (pls try to come next yr) and Issa
23. Bembet
24. Titin N.
25. Ann C. and Tintin
26. Malou C.
27. Rosel & Sarah
28. Atty. Joy
29. Atty. Nori
30. Beng A., Tita Cors & Marlyn
31. Olivette
32. Jan, Jen, and Ann
33. Elsie
34. Nancy
35. Emily, Jane, Len, Maricel, Marlith
36. Shirley
37. Joji A. & Tracy
38. Cecille & walking buddies
39. Lally (pls come nxt yr)
40. Marichu (pls come nxt yr)
41. Ate Alma & Babes (pls come next yr)
42. Rowena & Rosario (pls come next yr)
43. Marj, Cookie & Agnes
44. Cherry, Zeny and Abbie
45. Emmie, Flor and Keendie
46. Minerva and Paula Mae
47. Valerie & Vanessa
48. Marilen
49. Gigi
50. Del, Ansel & Philamlife Pampanga-A. del Rosario Agency
51. Atty. Candice B.
52. Ghie
53. Diane and Teachers Clarisse, Genesis, Jeng, Maan, Maya & Michelle
54. T. Mac, T. Kate, Mitch & Communicare
55. Adette, Eva & DSAPI
56. T. Ellaine, T. Faith & IMAI
57. T. Joji & Camp Discovery
58. Sis Mila & Emiko
59. Leah, Vi & Amy
60. Lorna, Nice & Perfect Rhythm
61. Teresita
62. Annie, Nona & Sonia
63. Sis Ayo, Sis Liza, Sis Merle & HOLD
64. Ate Ella, Femi & Madel (hope to see you next year!)
65. Lai


  1. Hay naku Nora! Ni 0.0001 mile yata di ko kayang itakbo! Walkathon and long walks I can perhaps do, but never a run! But I am cheering you on! The years have simply made you stronger and even more wacky I should say?

    Happy 49th bday! Per your request, I am rewriting here my message to you that I sent in the email. The message reads:

    Happy 50th (or 49th?) birthday!!! I can't believe time has flown that fast! But you have aged beautifully, gracefully, and spiritually, most of all, remained tough and strong as ever in the face of all adversities in your life! You have a lived a colorful life as you had wanted it!

    Anong plano mo? Hope I was there to celebrate it with you.

    But are you 50 or 49 still? Caesar is only 49, so you should still be 49 di ba? I have gotten all confused because of your "50" blog.

    Have a wonderful day, and email/post pics in your blog if you can.

    God bless you always. We rarely email, but you remain one of my truest and dearest friends (which are not that many )

    Birthday greetings from Caesar, Anna, Claire, and Agnes, too!

  2. Sobra ka naman Gay! With your 90 lb. weight, sisiw lang sa yo ang 5k run! I wish and hope and pray that you'll be here to make this dream a reality. I'm counting on you, my dear dear friend . . . Thanks for remembering my birthday. You're the first to greet me today. Hugs and kisses to Anna, Claire and Agnes. Regards to your one-in-a-million Caesar.