Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gildo: Servant of God

This morning was memorable for me and the whole family, most especially for my favorite son, Gio. You know why?

Nah--I didn't join the Milo Marathon with Gio although the idea did cross my mind (inspired by Jaymie & her 6-yr old son). I passed on the opportunity because of one noble reason: It was Gio's 3rd attempt to read the 1st Reading in the 9:15AM Children's Mass at Philamlife Church.

Gio was requested 2 weeks ago but we had to visit Leisure Farms for emergency reasons.

He was all set last week but was feverish Saturday, "lagnat laki" according to Dr. Baet. He totally refused to read the following day for fear that he might collapse while holding the gigantic Holy Bible (an alibi, really).

Yesterday, Gio woke up coughing but was able to play tennis with me 11-12 noon. Since today was the 3rd time that he was scheduled, I told my son last night: "Gio, if you wake up tomorrow with a fever or with a hoarse voice, I want you to go on and offer your sacrifice to the Lord. Not everybody is given the gift of public speaking. God gave you that gift to share with others. Tell the Devil to stay away from you."

At around 4AM, I was awakened by Gio's severe coughing and repeated blowing of nose. Oh no, not again--I told myself. I knew Gio would have wanted to back out, but Tatay and the rest of the family were all telling him not to be defeated by the Devil. And so, we were already in the church before 9AM.

During the Processional March, Gio proudly raised the Holy Bible (which he described as extremely heavy) and gently placed it on top of the alter. He then bowed meekly and proceeded to his assigned seat with serene face and prayerful hands.

While "Glory to God" was being sang, I glanced at his place and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. I couldn't believe that I now have a son (from a broken marriage) who will serve the Lord. Then I saw Nanay beside me also wiping her tears. I remembered when Gio was born, I couldn't think of any name. Nanay browsed at the Baby Book and told me "Let's name him Gildo, which means Servant of God. I'll pray that he'll be a priest someday or if not, somebody who will serve in the church."

During this time, Tatay and Ate Ella were praying inside the Perpetual Adoration Chapel in supplication for Gio. They stayed there until Gio finished his reading which proceeded very well.

After the mass, Eia hugged her brother and told him "You're very good, Kuya!" I also hugged him and said "You're very good, Anak". I felt he was quite warm so when we got home, I took his temperature and he was indeed running a fever.

I had to leave before lunch for the airport to meet Nanay's friends from Marbel who brought us 1 box of langgonisa. On the way back, Ate Ella texted me that Gio's temperature is now 38.5 so I must buy additional Biogesic before going home. Gio's voice was unrecognizable when I arrived @1:30PM. Surprisingly, he had the appetite to eat again when he knew that the langgonisa from Marbel already arrived. We had fun eating together the langgonisa which we waited for a while to be cooked.

After our delicious meal, I asked Gio to take a nap but as usual, he refused. I dragged him to bed and hugged him so he could sleep. When he woke up, I told him we should go to a laboratory for his CBC. This was Dr. Baet's advice if his temperature will rise again. Of course, he didn't want to go. So I told him "Very well. Let's not go anymore. Maybe you already feel good about yourself. That means you'll go to school tomorrow. No need for the lab. test."

As I expected, Gio immediately dressed up and told me he didn't want to go to school tomorrow. The sad thing is, it was Sunday so all laboratory clinics were closed. We went to Christ the King General Hospital where I requested for CBC and X-ray. Unfortunately, they don't perform X-rays without a doctor's prescription. Well, that could wait for tomorrow when I bring Gio to Dr. Baet's clinic.

I have only written 2 posts for July and now, I have the time to write one because like any dutiful mother, I would stay awake all night to monitor my son's temperature and to give him his paracetamol and antibiotics. I have to take care of Gildo, an aspiring Servant of God.


  1. May the Lord grant the desire of your heart for Gio to be called by God and to serve Him, that's also for Eia.

    I catch up reading your articles. I also enjoy HOW TO SURVIVE 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE.

    Keep in touch.


  2. Hi, Mare!

    Kumusta na ang pinakacute na lola sa balat ng lupa?
    Thanks for your prayers. How's everybody there in Australia? Hope I could bring Gio & Eia there even for a brief vacation.