Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a Coincidence!

I just noticed it today that I began my blog "Life Begins at 50" on May 14, 2007--exactly 5 years since I made that "Great Escape" from my children's father (I cannot refer to him as my ex-husband because technically, I was never been married to him. Since my Petition for Marriage Annulment was already granted, my marriage to him is now declared null and void. Unlike divorce which recognizes that there was once a marriage that existed, an annulment doesn't.)

May 14 is now memorable because of 2 reasons:

First, it was the day that I began a totally different life--the life of a single mother to my 2 kids. I call it my "independence day".


Second, it was the day that I started to make a "new beginning" in life, not only in mine but to as many as my blog could reach.

And oh, another coincidence . . .

Did you know that I gave birth to my daughter Eia exactly 75 years after my father was born? My father's birthday is Nov. 11, 1924 while that of my daughter is Nov. 11, 1999.