Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of Cops and Thieves (STORY # 6, 7, 8)


After my horrifying experience of "tug of war" in front of SM Makati, I changed my big, native bag to a medium-sized leather bag. I was extra careful when boarding buses so I was quite confident that such accident won't happen again. Thank God it didn't. I didn't play 'tug of war' with my bag anymore. Not ever. But still, I lost my wallet inside my bag without my knowledge. I just knew that it wasn't there anymore when I was about to pay for my fare. This time, the venue was moved to Baclaran. I'm just thankful that the conductor believed my story that I lost my wallet inside my bag while boarding the bus. He even advised me to be extra careful coz a lot of pickpockets are stationed in Baclaran. I said to myself "how extra careful could I be, when in fact I was already extra careful!"


Now don't try to slap me 2X when you read about this next story.

Immediately the day after the Baclaran incident in the previous story, I boarded the bus on the same spot and when I sat and looked for my wallet inside the bag . . . my wallet was still there but my bag was already slashed! But since it was genuine leather (I guess), the slasher used was not strong enough to cut through my bag, hence my wallet was spared of being separated from its rightful owner. After that incident, I completely avoided Baclaran in going home. Even though the Alabang route was longer in terms of time and distance, I still chose it just to avoid rubbing elbows with the Baclaran robbers.


It turned out that I made the right decision in choosing the Alabang route over the Baclaran route. No more close encounters with the 3rd kind until I graduated from college and worked in Coca-Cola Makati.

Thelma and I were enjoying our lunch at the Makati Fast Food Center (that was beside SM Makati before) when a newspaper boy offered me to buy from him. He showed me different kinds of tabloids with different titles. Naturally, my first tendency was to read the different headlines. I was engrossed with reading the headlines I didn't notice that he already took my wallet on top of the table. When I said "no" to him, he immediately left and headed for the exit door. He was fast. But I was faster. I noticed right away that my wallet was missing so I ran after him and grabbed his shirt and told him to return my wallet. He was afraid that I would report him to the security guard who was standing at the exit door so he gave me back my wallet then ran as fast as he could.