Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Good Things Never Last

11 years ago today, friends and relatives from different parts of the globe flocked to Las Pinas City, Philippines to witness one historical event: the much-awaited wedding of Delfin and Antonina del Rosario's 39-year old "unica hija" and her 27-year old Prince Charming. Many were curious who this fierce lover was that melted the hardened heart of a woman who has solemnly vowed to remain single for the rest of her life.

Some were amazed, some were shocked and some were definitely disappointed. But the bride was extremely happy to even care how anybody felt during that sunny Saturday afternoon. She was head over heels with her 'Knight in a shining armor', completely mesmerized by his captivating smile, gentle voice and astounding charm.

In the beginning of their marriage she thought he was more than everything she hoped for in a man. He was extraordinarily romantic to the extent that sometimes, she wanted to ask him if he could love her a little less so she could have room to breath.

He wanted them to embrace each other all night long with his arm as her pillow that sleeping became so uncomfortable for her. He was like James Taylor saying "I love you" over and over again many times in a day. They hugged each other while she sat on his lap when they watch TV. He was not at all ashamed to kiss her in front of the other members in the household. He drove for her wherever she goes, sparing her the stress of driving in a traffic jam. He was the perfect handyman inside the house. When they eat, he would serve her rice and viand. When they're already upstairs and she needed something downstairs he would gladly fetch it for her. When he leaves for work he couldn't stop kissing and hugging her that she had to forcefully drive him away or he would be late.

Everything was running so smoothly but when she thought she couldn't ask for more, the transformation inevitably began.

After only two months of wedded bliss, he could no longer hide his 'true color'.

It was so ironic that when she eventually got used to being hugged all night long, he preferred space between them instead. When she learned to say "I love you" naturally, he already got tired of saying it. And when she was finally accustomed to passionate and prolonged kissing he was surprisingly contented with just a peck.

Tsk . . . tsk . . . Some good things never last.

Monday, January 21, 2008

For the Love of God

Our 2008 started with a big bang. My son Gio was requested to be the second reader during the New Year's mass and he did it with utmost eloquence. He was again asked to serve yesterday but this time, as a psalmist. Our parish priest wanted the psalmists in all the masses to be children in celebration of the Feast of the Sto. Nino. The whole family (Tatay, Nanay, Eia, Ate Ella, Romy and T. Jenny) was all there with me to support my son in his first attempt as psalmist.

He practiced twice during the week, being a first-timer. I thought I wouldn't be nervous anymore because singing in public is no longer new for Gio. He already sang successfully in SM, in various parties and reunions.

When my son stepped up the pulpit and began to sing, I felt my whole body froze and my heart stopped beating. But every time he looked at me (I was seated on the first row), I managed to smile at him and nod my head, signalling him that he's doing great. I held my breath until he finished singing the last word. When it was finally over I couldn't stop murmuring "thank you, thank you Lord!"

Then it was offertory. My daughter Eia, with her Coke Light in Can filled with 25 centavo coins for the Pondong Pinoy, proudly led the line towards the altar. She handed her offering to the priest, stepped aside and patiently waited for everybody to offer their gifts and receive the priest's blessing. After that she gracefully walked back to our seat then gave me a big hug and kiss. I couldn't stop myself from crying while trying to follow the offertory song "Let's Exalt His Name Together". I felt so blessed for having two wonderful children who, in their ages 10 and 8, are already expressing their faithful love for God.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Australian Open Vs. Disney on Ice

When I learned last year that Disney on Ice would be coming to perform at the Big Dome, I was very excited for my two children (and my dear Nanay who was hooked on shows on ice). But when I learned that it's scheduled on Jan. 18-27, my heart sank. Australian Open is from Jan. 14 to 28! I immediately consulted my 2008 calendar to see which Saturday we could pick. Saturday is our only choice because Sunday is in conflict with Gio's schedule as reader or psalmist in our parish. We could go Jan. 19 or 26. I chose Jan. 19 because Jan. 26 could already be the Semi-Final Match of the Australian Open. I couldn't possibly miss that!

The Australian Open started last Jan. 14 as scheduled. My idol Roger Federer waltzed through the first 2 rounds without a sweat. I knew, then, that he would be facing his opponent for the third round on exactly Jan. 19, the day of our Disney on Ice tickets. I tried to console myself but I still drove to Araneta Coliseum with a heavy heart and a pestering headache.

As if to add to my frustration, the checker prevented me to bring in my Coleman (with my Coke in can and ice), advising me that there are soft drinks and water for sale inside. Great. That is just great, I said to myself. I would be watching without my first love. While seated inside and waiting for the show to start, we just ordered water to push the butter-flavored popcorn and large pizza down our throats. Will someone please tell me why Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are Pepsi exclusives?

I was talking with Nanay for 30 minutes but my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Federer being defeated by his opponent. I wanted to call home and ask Tatay what was happening. I had this strange feeling that something was not right so I prayed silently to God that he'll take care of my idol.

When it was announced that the show will start in 3 minutes, I was surprisingly excited and forgot all about my anxieties and worries. The whole show was breath-taking! Glancing at Gio and Eia, I was finally happy that I made the right choice.

It was almost 9 PM when we got home. I immediately opened the TV but it wasn't Federer anymore. I couldn't wait to know the result of Federer's 3rd round so I opened my computer and I got the shock of my life. I couldn't believe my idol fought a turbulent match and won after 5 sets in 4 1/2 hours, with an unlikely score of 6-7, 7-6, 5-7, 6-1 and finally, 10-8!

I was soooh disappointed to have missed this match but then again, I thought of my children's happy faces while watching Disney on Ice. I took a deep breath and smiled to myself. No regrets. The joy that Disney on Ice gave my two children was simply irreplaceable.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I apologize for my long absence. So many tasks to do, so many errands to run, so many people to take care of (not that I'm complaining), etc. , etc.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays of the Christmas season. Actually, it came to me as a surprise. It seems to me that I just slept through the night and when I woke up, it suddenly hit me that it was Christmas eve already. So unlike me to have acted this way. I used to send Christmas cards in November to ensure that they arrive before New Year, not on Valentine's Day. But recently, everything was not quite right. I failed to send any of my Christmas cards! I'm so sorry. Since you are my friends--I'm sure you understand.

2007 is a memorable year for me. After 5 years of praying, my Petition for Marriage Annulment was finally granted. After almost one year of preparing for the surprised Golden Anniversary celebration of my dear Tatay and Nanay, it was a huge success with minimal irritations. After 15 years of a loving relationship, I said goodbye to someone whom I thought was my true friend. But after 36 years of being hurt, I finally made peace with an "enemy". Isn't life truly wonderful?