Sunday, January 20, 2008

Australian Open Vs. Disney on Ice

When I learned last year that Disney on Ice would be coming to perform at the Big Dome, I was very excited for my two children (and my dear Nanay who was hooked on shows on ice). But when I learned that it's scheduled on Jan. 18-27, my heart sank. Australian Open is from Jan. 14 to 28! I immediately consulted my 2008 calendar to see which Saturday we could pick. Saturday is our only choice because Sunday is in conflict with Gio's schedule as reader or psalmist in our parish. We could go Jan. 19 or 26. I chose Jan. 19 because Jan. 26 could already be the Semi-Final Match of the Australian Open. I couldn't possibly miss that!

The Australian Open started last Jan. 14 as scheduled. My idol Roger Federer waltzed through the first 2 rounds without a sweat. I knew, then, that he would be facing his opponent for the third round on exactly Jan. 19, the day of our Disney on Ice tickets. I tried to console myself but I still drove to Araneta Coliseum with a heavy heart and a pestering headache.

As if to add to my frustration, the checker prevented me to bring in my Coleman (with my Coke in can and ice), advising me that there are soft drinks and water for sale inside. Great. That is just great, I said to myself. I would be watching without my first love. While seated inside and waiting for the show to start, we just ordered water to push the butter-flavored popcorn and large pizza down our throats. Will someone please tell me why Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are Pepsi exclusives?

I was talking with Nanay for 30 minutes but my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Federer being defeated by his opponent. I wanted to call home and ask Tatay what was happening. I had this strange feeling that something was not right so I prayed silently to God that he'll take care of my idol.

When it was announced that the show will start in 3 minutes, I was surprisingly excited and forgot all about my anxieties and worries. The whole show was breath-taking! Glancing at Gio and Eia, I was finally happy that I made the right choice.

It was almost 9 PM when we got home. I immediately opened the TV but it wasn't Federer anymore. I couldn't wait to know the result of Federer's 3rd round so I opened my computer and I got the shock of my life. I couldn't believe my idol fought a turbulent match and won after 5 sets in 4 1/2 hours, with an unlikely score of 6-7, 7-6, 5-7, 6-1 and finally, 10-8!

I was soooh disappointed to have missed this match but then again, I thought of my children's happy faces while watching Disney on Ice. I took a deep breath and smiled to myself. No regrets. The joy that Disney on Ice gave my two children was simply irreplaceable.


  1. Dear Mama,
    Thank you for making me and Eia happy. It is good that you sacrificed. Some people don't EVEN know the meaning of sacrifice. God knows you did the right thing. He will be very proud.

  2. My dear son Gio,

    Watching Disney on Ice is not really sacrifice on my part becoz I enjoyed every minute of it. But of course, not being able to watch Federer's epic 5-setter match is a big disappointment. Nevertheless, no regrets. I'll do anything and everything to make my children happy.

    Luv yah!