Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proud to be an Addict!

Yes, you're not hallucinating . . . I did say I'm proud to be an addict!

And I'm not all ashamed to shout at the top of my voice (cover your ears): I AM A RUNNING ADDICT! (What did you think???)

The new New Balance Philippines Ad says it all. (I hope SFrunner reads this)

"New Balance Philippines launched yesterday its new brand campaign which highlights running as the heart of all sports and spotlights the complex love/hate relationship of people with running.

The new ad campaign brings out the challenges and obstacles of people with running, through the personification of running, and showcases how New Balance can help the relationship between a runner and running to decrease the hate and to tip more to love...

The love/hate campaign was formulated through a global study of different runners of different nationalities. The study revealed that runners all have the same sentiments when it comes to running; they feel euphoric when running but they need to get past the struggles before they feel good about it..."
----Philippine Star, July 16, 2008

Now I know what Jaymie has been raving about. I have actually experienced how it is to be a "runaholic". And I couldn't be one if not for my NB running shoes. Truly, my pair of NB shoes helped me love running in a way I couldn't possibly imagine.

Before, when I was still wearing different brands, I only run once a week. Twice the most. When I learned from TBR (The Bull Runner) that there's a sale of NB shoes at Festival Mall, I immediately purchased one pair (I should have bought 2 pairs . . . sigh).

My life changed after that.

From a once-a-week run, I now run 3-4X a week! And there are times that I run 2X a day! I run whenever I don't play tennis--rain or shine. If it's raining (wearing my other brand to preserve my NB shoes), I run inside the basketball court. But if there are players, I run under the rain (something I never dreamed I would be doing!)

When I was still blindly and madly in love with my boyfriend, I used to think about him before I go to sleep and his name was the first word I utter when I wake up the following morning. (I'd say I love you, _________!)

Now, I think about my running agenda before I go to sleep and wake up in the morning still thinking about it . . .

I'm hooked. I'm in love with running. And unlike my marriage, I wish to celebrate my golden anniversary with it--on May 14, 2057! You are all invited!


  1. Hi Nora. As promised, I would read your blog first as soon as I got home.

    I understand that the New Balance Philippines website was recently updated to show the love/hate relationship to running. What I've heard from Corporate is that New Balance is attempting to attract a wider audience (the 18-39 age group particularly).

    Though the ad is good, I didn't believe that they needed to do this. The "classics" that New Balance makes is bringing a lot of people to the stores worldwide. However, the ad is interesting as is the latest ad regarding the lightweight speed shoes (805s).

    Nora, just curious as to what running shoe you bought. Hopefully, you got a good deal. I believe lonerunner recently bought an 857 at a very reasonable sale price.

  2. Looks like we'll celebrate the golden anniversary of our love with running at the same year!!! You'll be ahead of me by a few weeks -- maybe we'll be running somewhere in Cloud 9!! ha! ha!

    Seriously, though, ang galing mo na -- running 3 to 4 times a week!! And sometimes 2x a day!! Wala pa ako doon -- there a many days I don't feel like waking up early to exercise -- mentally, I need to push myself and the struggles get harder and harder (I thought it would get easier!!). Maybe there's a tipping point -- hope it will be soon -- and I'll start feeling the runner's high in motivation para wala nang problemang gumising at tumakbo!! he! he!

    Congrats and keep it up -- you should enter more races!! When will run your first 10K? I wanna try by August.

  3. Thank you, Wayne. And yes, I honestly believe I got a good deal because my NB 825 is the perfect fit for my feet.

  4. Cmon Johnny. We're only 99 on our golden anniversary. If we maintain our healthy lifestyle, I bet we'll still be running at that age. That means you'll be getting the trophy for the oldest male runner and me for the female counterpart heh heh heh ...
    My priority is to be injury-free so I could enjoy running for the rest of my life. I will run my first 10k on or before my 51st bday. That will give me enough time to prepare.
    Unlike Jaymie who wakes up early in order to run, I prefer to run after I bring my 2 children home from school @ 5PM. So Johnny, if you can't wake up early like me, run in the afternoon or at night.

  5. Hi Nora -- that's the spirit!! I sometimes wonder about all those Smuckers commercials on the Today Show on NBC (which is aired I think on 2nd Ave or ETC.) -- all those people that have reached 100 and beyond!! Wow, to be 100 and productive and winner trophies for running -- that would be an achievement!! I'll see during one of those races.

    During the first few months of my workouts, I'd do it in the evening. Unfortunately, my lifestyle and business commitments kept preventing me from studiously completing my workouts -- it was only when I moved the routines to the morning that I started completing them consistently. The downside, of course, if waking up early, sometimes even after a long evening.

    Anyway -- those are small problems that I assume can be licked through practice.

  6. My father is almost 84 and he still walks everyday. If not for his athritis, he'll probably be running! His father lived up to age 96. His mother, 98!
    Go Johnny go, go . . .

  7. Nora, the 825s are a good shoe. They'll be in distribution until October 2008. After that, the 903s probably will be the best shoe for you.

    I'm wondering how the 904s will turn out. If I'm wear testing them, I'll let you know how they are.

    Nora, you know I'm pulling for all of us (your dad, mom, you and Johnny). Let's not forget baldrunner either. He, along with Johnny will be here in SF soon. The running has and will enhance our lives!

  8. YOu know Wayne everytime I try to post a comment on the baldrunner's blog I get frustrated. I tried many times already but I can't get through. Dunno why. Hope you, him, and Johnny have a memorable get together there in SF. Good luck to all of you!

  9. Hi Nora. I'll send him a message for you. I know that jinoe (Manokan Express) had the same problem. I'll stay in the contact with BR and Johnny. We'll definitely have a memorable time.

    Sunday, August 3rd will be a day of the runners / bloggers. There are two marathons and a triathlon amongst us. It should be wild!

    Thank you so much for the blog entry you sent last night on my blog. That is an inspiration for all of us. I thought about it during my 21.1K training run on Saturday. Have a good Sunday!

  10. I did have a good Sunday Wayne though at first I was a bit nervous. No matter how many times Gio (my son) stands at the pulpit to read the word of God or sing the psalms, it seems that it's always the first time for me to witness him. I still get trembling knees, sweating hands and frogs in my chest. But as before, my son's delivery went quite well.