Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For the First Time

Yesterday, I couldn't contain my emotions seeing on TV (again) the senseless killings of innocent lives in my native land, Mindanao (dubbed as the Land of Promise before). When my Tennis Coach texted me that we'll play at 5 PM, I begged off.

I desperately needed to run yesterday to shake off the hurts and pains that were bottling up in my chest.

I walked from our house to the park, in preparation for my 5.5k run--my first attempt ever.

Maybe due to my unstable emotional state, I wanted to run for as long as I can. But if I run at my normal pace, I would definitely exceed the 5.5k mark--something I want to avoid because I wanted to stick to the 10% Rule (you only increase your distance by 10% each week if your goal is to be injury-free).

Putting everything in perspective, I decided to run as slow as I can and stop when I reach 5.5k.

And I did it! I was able to run 5.5k for the first time. And I was able to run for 52 minutes straight without walking, also for the first time.

I can't wait for next week, when I will run 6.05k for the first time . . .


  1. I can see you are getting started with the 10k practices. Goodluck
    GoldenGirl. 10% increase is a good idea. Take care.

  2. Yes, Jinoe. In as much as I want to run longer distance, I choose not to. I learn from the mistake of others. Very painful to learn from our own mistakes hah hah ...

  3. Go Miss Nora Go! :) Running has been so therapeutic for me. Please let me know when you'll join a 10K and I'll run beside you...

  4. Now THIS is something that really cheered me up, Gi! Knowing that you'll be there to run 10k with me would be the driving force that will push me to reach my goal.
    And yes, I can only agree with you. Running maintains my sanity as well.
    I will be following the 10% rule so if everything runs smoothly, I might run 10k in the Octoberun Festival this Oct. 26. If not, my next target would be Nov. 16 at Clark.
    Thanks, Gi. You just don't know how you made my day.

  5. I take my hat off to you that can stick to a training schedule. Great on finishing the new distance and all the best for the next wekk run. Let us know how it went.

  6. At my age, I don't really have a choice but to stick to a strict training schedule. If not, I will be the one to suffer. One step at a time.
    Thanks and God bless, foreign runner...

  7. Slowly but surely. It is not the finish but the journey that makes running enjoyable. Have fun and keep on running!

  8. Will do, PC! I wish someday I could conquer the full Marathon with you (hopefully before I turn 70 hah hah ...)