Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of a 5-Year Love Affair

A year after I left my husband, I purposely dived into a serious relationship.

It was smooth as silk as I have planned. All because I have applied my secret formula of tender loving care. The gentle strokes here and there, the regular soothing massage, the scheduled dates to add color--to name a few.

Some of my friends thought that I was too old to start a new relationship while others expressed that it actually made me look younger than ever.

Well, I knew that I couldn't please everybody all the time so I just continued to enjoy my new-found love.

For five consecutive years I nurtured this beautiful relationship with all the love I could possibly give.

Then faster than a wink of an eye, it was gone.

With just one simple miscommunication, the only thing that made me feel like a beauty queen suddenly walked out of my life.

I had no premonition whatsoever that it will die sooner than I expected.

Want to know what happened?

My instruction to the hairdresser was to layer my waist-length hair to lessen the bulk. Much to my astonishment, she cut my hair before I could even scream "DON'T".

My beloved hair which I took care for five long years met its untimely demise right before my very eyes and I couldn't do anything to save it.

I wanted to cry but I couldn't.

Strange, but I didn't feel any pain anymore. Could it be that my heart turned into stone after what I've been through? I guess not. I'd like to think that I didn't get angry because my hair will still grow to whatever length that I want.

But for now, I have to settle for this:


  1. Well I think it looks great and you still look younger. Please dont blog the same way again, you almost gave me a heart attack, or maybe I should not draw so quickly conclusions but I think you know what I was thinking of when you said your love is gone????

    Please also change my address on your blog, it is now and not .blogspot anymore. I will cancell the blogspot account soon. God bless and stay fit.

  2. Hah hah ... I'm sorry for almost giving you a heart attack, Philip. Thanks for the very nice compliment. You're so thoughtful.

    God bless you too (and your family). Good luck in your next TRI. I'm sure you won't be disappointed this time.

  3. I hope not, see you at the races soon????

  4. I like the shorter hair on you! It makes you look even younger :-)

    The girls in our family all prefer--and wear--short hair. It's much easier to take care of. After a shower, you can just towel and comb, and off you go! :-)

  5. Actually mj I really prefer to sport a very short hair because of the reasons you mentioned above but there is a logical & scientific explanation why I chose to be Rapunzel:
    1. My mother and I look like twins when my hair is short. That's fine with me until people would comment that she looks like my younger sister!
    2. My mother has been promising to retire for the nth time already. So I told her, ipapaputol ko ang buhok ko pag nagkatotoo (di ko kasi masabing daliri ko at baka nga magkatotoo)
    3. May pagka masochista lang talaga ako hah hah ...

  6. Hmmm, interesting reasons :-) How old is your mom? She sounds as active as you! Good genes must run in your family.

    I have this feeling that all runners are masochists, at least to some degree. Don't you think so too? :-)

    Just read your comment on my blog that you don't run with any music or mp3 player. OMG! How do you do it?!? That sounds like an amazing feat to me. I cannot imagine running without music. I probably get half my motivation and endurance from the (loud) music playing in my ears. In fact, without the music, I'd probably not run at all, he-he.

    I read in Runner's World about this man who plans to set a world record by running on the treadmill for 48 hours straight. Haha. A comment on the article said, "I hope he has his Ipod on when he does it."

  7. My mother dearest is 74 with vital statistics of 36-28-36. If you watched Laws of Attraction, I can sympathasize with Julianne Moore (if you haven't watched the movie, find some time to watch it coz it's really a funny movie). And you're right again. I have good genes. Nanay's lola died at age 105. My father's parents died at 98 & 96. Both my parents played tennis, golf, bowling and were very good swimmers.Volleyball player pa nanay ko.
    Different strokes for different folks, mj. Some cant run without music (like you). As for me, I want to be fully aware of the sounds around me like the music of the birds, the hizzing sound of the branches/leaves swaying with the wind, the laughter of the kids playing in the park, the everyday conversations of the elderly talking about athritis, etc.
    And yes, I definitely agree with you that us runners are certified masochists in some way hah hah ...
    I don't run on a threadmill coz I get dizzy on it but I agree you need some music in order to last the workout.

  8. end is sometimes sad but just like in a race it is an another chance to start again. Dont be sad becoz LOVE is not a sprint but a marathon... -Lonerunner:)

  9. Hey, you look good Nora! That older femme fatale look rocks! Hehe, I see that you've manage to keep a svelte figure, all those exercises has been good to you :-) Too bad I'm set in my ways of going to a barber for my haircut, otherwise your hairdresser works wonder.

  10. Hah hah ... very well said lonerunner. I didn't think about it that way before. Thanks for opening my eyes! Hmmm... you'll make a good poet too.

  11. Thanks for the very nice compliment Gene. Medyo nabawasan na ang sama ng loob ko. I'm glad that you're back. Saan ka ba nagtago at ang tagal mong nawala?

  12. Hehe, got tied-up with some work-related project and blogging just sorta slip. Actually, if weren't for your last comment I probably would still be unaware how long since I last posted something on my blog. But now, I'm glad I'm back. Thanks.

  13. Pareho ko kasi kayong namiss ni Johnny. Siya naman, injury-related ang bakasyon sa blogging and running. Mabuti sa yo, work-related lang. I'm happy you're both back.