Thursday, November 13, 2008

More VSO Photos From Bro. J and Vimz

Thank you soooh much, Bro. J and Vimz for these awesome pictures!

With Baby, Bro. J's sweetheart when we met before the race.

While waiting for the countdown to begin the 5k Race.

Right after we stepped out of the starting area.

Oh no! We are going up! Will I make it back???

Thank God I made it back!! Yehey!

The evidence is clear: I finshed ahead of at least 3 members of the Team Navy heh heh . . .

Thanks again, Bro. J!

One last photo: Thanks, Vimz for sending me my very first shot with the Happy Feet gang.


  1. Hi nora, i'm glad you like the pictures. I'll just send you the bill, hehehe. Joke lang. It was nice meeting you. Grabe ha, mukhang na meet mo lahat ng bloggers sa VSO race.

  2. Seriously Bro J. You can start a small business with this. Why don't you?

    I definitely met a great number of runner bloggers. Excited pa rin ako hanggang ngayon!

    Thanks again, Bro J (sa uulitin haha . . . )

  3. hi nora, those pictures are awesome! syempre it was taken by no other than my officemate and running buddy bro J! hahaha...

  4. Yeah. Bro J was supposed to run his first 15k but he was still recuperating kaya siya muna ang official photographer (ikaw nga dapat kaso nagkaflu ka naman!)

  5. Hi Nora. It was great meeting up with you and Geo last night. Think we had a good time despite the traffic getting to ULTRA.

    Congratulations on the 2nd place AG results. I have complete confidence in you and will always continue to do so.

    Please take care and have a good weekend!

  6. Yes Wayne, I think we did. Because of the traffic, we had the chance to talk much longer. And I have good news! My son Gio expressed his desire to run 3k in the Yakult Run this Dec. 7. Hmm . . . I wonder what was it that you said that inspired him to get into running.

    I hope you had a good time at Clark!

  7. good day tita just want to cong you that you made it.. and i am so happy that you made it to the finish line. for me i start to run feb 2008. age does not matter. as long we love to run. to stay fit..hope to meet you someday maybe in our next run.. be running for the milo nov 30 see you god bless

  8. Hi Nora,

    I already have your DVD and the DVD of your friend. When's your next race, or when can I send it to you?

    I wasn't able to go to Clark last weekend so I'd be able to give you the DVD on your next race. :)

  9. Thanks genie. What distance are you running in the Milo Race this Nov. 30? Good luck to you!

    Will be running 5k in the Animo Run this Nov. 23.

    Please approach me if you ever see me in future races. I'm always thrilled to meet fellow runners in the race.

  10. Wow! Congrats again, Nora. I have a feeling I'll be congratulating you again and again, each time you run in a race, cuz you will always win an award.

    You're a rock star! :-)

  11. YOU rock too, mj! Hope to see you at the Animo Run this Sunday. My race bib # is 0915 in case you're joining.

    2nd place lang ako sa VSO but I feel I'm the winner coz I met a lot of runner bloggers, mj. Hope to see you soon!