Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First VSO Run (Part 4)

In the midst of the excitement in meeting the runner bloggers, I saw Philip from afar and we both called out our names, at the same time! Finally, the day that we've been expecting have finally come.

With Philip, Wilbert and Wayne.

With Vimz and the wacky Happy Feet Group!

One last pose with Philip and the Happy Feet runners.

With the very "delicious" Doc Doray and Wayne.

Again, with Doc Doray and now, with Roselle!

With Jaymie--my mentor, idol and inspiration. Without her, this blog wouldn't even come to exist.

With that, I end this four-part series of My First VSO Run: A Dream Come True.

For the other runner bloggers that I haven't met last Nov. 9, 2008--hope to see you all in future races!


  1. It's an honor to have finally met you, Philip. I hope next time, we get the chance to talk more.

  2. hi nora! so glad to have finally met you, though we only had a short chat. everyone kasi is busy with phot-ops. di bale next time, at UNICEF maybe? ;)

  3. great photos! inggit ako. :-(
    i haven't run for a month now due to knee injury then sh### happened again i was down with flu...
    anyway, i'm still hoping to meet you soon.

  4. I was really looking for you Mae coz I thought you'll be the official photographer of your running friends. Hope you're feeling better now. Di bale. More races to come. See you soon!

  5. The honor and pleasure is mine, Vimz. Finally meeting the Happy Feet is a dream come true for me. Although I wish I could join the group at Chowking after the race. Perhaps next time.

  6. Nora it was really nice meeting you. :) Nasabi ko na yung tungkol sa DVDs mo and your friend. Kukunin ko nalang then ill mail you when I get it. :)

  7. Thank you so much Taki. Good luck at Clark! So sad to miss this much-awaited event.

  8. hey nora... it was great finally meeting you... hmmm mukhang namakyaw ka ng mga runner-bloggers during the VSO run :D great pics!

    - joe

  9. Yes, Joe! Dream come true talaga for me ang VSO. It's one experience I will never forget.

  10. hi ate nors, just got back from bangkok, i got the sweet tamarind for you.

    i was able to take a photo of the bangkok standard chartered marathon. you can check it in my blog, after today.

    hope that i will be able to run there next year.

    good luck on the animo run on sunday as i will be at the unicef run at the fort together with bembet, bikoy, paolo, and my officemates. hehehe isang running team na ito.

  11. Thank you so much Jun! You're so ever thoughtful! Good luck to the whole team at the Unicef Run this Sunday.