Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Training Tip # 1: The 10% Rule

Starting today, I will be sharing the training tips of David Styles, author of Marathon Bible. Please feel free to comment whether these tips worked for you or not. For us runners who are still wishing to eventually run a Marathon, I hope these tips help us realize our dream.

According to David Styles:

"One of the biggest killers to running a marathon is injury. You should aim to avoid injury at all costs because it can set your preparation back by weeks, if not months.

You should not increase your marathon training by more than 10% in any given week, especially in the early stages of your preparation.

The other trap to avoid is the 'I feel great, so I'll train more' syndrome.

You may find yourself at a stage in your preparation that you are finding your training sessions too easy. Just be aware that if you find yourself dropping into wanting to push more miles you will run the risk of injury.


Follow the system that has worked for hundreds of beginners and you too will find how satisfying running a marathon really can be."

I have ran 5k last July 6. If I religiously follow this tip and then allowing a slight probability of delay due to my golden age, I could run 10K in the New Balance Power Race this Nov. 16,2008!

I guess Johnny Sy was right after all that I have enough time to prepare for this event.