Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where Art Thou KOTR?

How can a beautiful start end in a tragedy?

Woke up at 5 AM this morning to try a new workout. Got out at 5:37 AM and headed for the park. Then I did the following to spice up my old, boring routine:

1. Run 800 m. at 4 mins. 35 secs.
2. Jog/walk 400 m.
3. Run 800 m. at 4 mins. 43 secs.
4. Jog/walk 400 m.
5. Run 800 m. at 4 mins. 35 secs.
6. Jog/walk 400 m.

When I came home, I stretched and did some strengthening exercises (following the advise of Gigi, the fitmommy) using dumb bells, crunch ball and resistance band.

I was sooh hungry after that I almost ate the whole daing na bangus for breakfast!

I then took a quick shower and went to MAKRO. Upon returning home, left again to bring my daughter Eia to her ophthalmologist who unfortunately called that he couldn't make it.

Took early lunch @ 11:30 AM. At 12:30 PM, we were again on the road on our way to my dentist friend for Eia's consultation. His clinic is near Rockwell so I thought our trip would be "killing two birds with one stone". Adidas Rockwell is one of the registration outlets for the much-awaited KOTR.

Couldn't contain my excitement when I approached the sales lady and proudly told her that I would be registering for KOTR. My big smile disappeared and turned into frown when she announced that the only race bib and singlet left were for 21k! But she was kind enough to give me a registration form and calling card so I could check if and when there will be new set of race bibs and singlets.

When I saw at the back of the form that Adidas Mall Of Asia and Festival Mall are also participating outlets, I decided that we drop by MOA before going home to Philamlife Village, Las Pinas City.

I was keeping all my fingers crossed while traversing from National Book Store (where I left Ate Ella and Eia) to the Adidas outlet located at the farthest end of the mall.

Much to my dismay, I got the same information that the only available race bib and singlet were for 21k. I went home broken-hearted but hang on to my last hope that I could still register at Festival Mall.

I immediately contacted Adidas Festival Mall when we got home but guess what--they don't have anything left. Not even for 21k!

How about you? Are you fortunate enough to register for KOTR?