Sunday, October 19, 2008

Postscript to KOTR 2008

After writing 4 posts about the highly acclaimed ADIDAS King Of The Road, this will be my last blog about it. Promise!!

Ngek! Nasayang naman ang pose ko . . . Excuse me sir. You're blocking the view. (Noticed the changing hues across the horizon? Ganda pala ng sunrise sa The Fort!)

Ay salamat. Nakatiempo din si Ate Ella (our official photographer for this race). Have you noticed the similarity of my New Balance shoes with the giant Adidas shoe at the back?

Where art thou Ate Ella when I was about to cross the finish line? Why did you have to wait until I get my finisher's certificate?

Taken right after my cousin Jun and I were reunited. I promised to run side by side with him but he's just too fast for me. He ran again this morning at Botak Paabilisan with an incredible finish of 27:27 mins. Great race for a second timer, don't you think? He started his blog after his run at the KOTR. You can check it out at

Oh, the sweet fruits of my training: P500 cash, P2,000 worth of ADIDAS items and medal (which I didn't receive on stage because we left early after the race).

No use crying why I left early and missed my chance of a short moment of fame. Here's a better picture heh heh . . . Hope to see you all at the OctobeRUN Festival!