Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let's Fly Light in 2009!

Last Dec. 25,2008 while the Christian world was celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we were grieving the untimely demise of our family friend, Kuya Bert Caudal. We brought him to his final rest last Sunday, Dec. 28,2008.

Occasions like this remind us that life is short. We should spend it wisely.

Like birds, let's leave behind in 2008 what we don't need to carry:


Let's fly light in 2009 . . .

Enjoy the gift of life!

Have a blessed 2009 everyone!

A joyful and injury-free year for all of us!


  1. Yup, let us fly light - together and drafting each other if possible. Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Nora -- please accept my sincerest condolences on the untimely demise of your friend. Life is truly short and we should learn to appreciate all the blessings we're given and live life to the fullest!!!

    Flying light is a great message for everyone. Have a blessed and light 2009!!!

  3. Yes, Rico. Kaya the next time we meet, ililibre mo rin ako ng taho hah hah . . .

  4. Thanks Johnny. Losing someone you love is one of the most painful experiences in life. So everyday let's take time to really show our love to our family and friends and to everybody that we encounter as we journey through life.

    God bless you and your family Johnny!

  5. Hi nora, happy new year! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! Hope to see you in the comming races for 2009.

  6. It's never easy to lose someone you love; I guess the only consolation is that you know he lives on in your heart... and watches over you every time you run!

    Happy New Year po! See you at a run soon!

  7. Someone texted me this as New Year greeting:

    "Vive bene, spesso l'amore, di risata molto!"

    Live well, love much, laugh often!

    A wonderful recipe! Wishing you exactly that this 2009. Happy New Year! :-)

  8. Happy New Year, Bro J! I hope Baby's injury is completely healed by now. God bless you and your family! See you Jan. 18!

  9. Yes Ganns you're right.

    Happy New Year! Hope to see you at the PSE Bull Run. Pls. don't hesitate to introduce yourself when you see me. Medyo mahina na ang pananaw ko kung maraming tao heh heh . . .

  10. Hah hah . . . thanks mj. I remember what you told me when we first met at the UP ICTUS Run... that you recognized me coz you looked for the most jolly person in the crowd. I guess when I was born, instead of crying out loud I was laughing! You know, I suffered for 5 years but nobody knew I was hurting inside because I didn't stop laughing.

    A joyful 2009 to you and your family MJ!