Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nora at One

As I write this, I'm still in a state of heavenly shock. I couldn't believe that my tennis idol Roger Federer finally reclaimed his world no.1 position by winning back the Wimbledon crown last Monday at 1:27 AM (Philippine Time).

After 4 hours and 27 minutes of marathon with Andy Roddick, my dearest Rog is now recognized as the Greatest Player Of All Time having won 15 Grand Slams in just 7 years.

My first year anniversary of running couldn't be happier. I thank God for this wonderful gift--something I've been praying for since the Fed lost to the Spanish conquistador last year.

Yes, it's my first year anniversary of running.

July 6, 2008: I ran my first 5k race during the Manila Half Marathon Challenge exactly one month after my 50th birthday. I clocked 38:27.

I could have joined the MILO race to celebrate my first year anniversary but I didn't. Instead, I opted to test myself how long I can possibly run if I push myself to the limit.

For once, I dared defy the 10% rule (not to increase your time or distance by more than 10% a week in order to avoid injury). I know it's crazy but it's my own way of celebrating this memorable event.

The result? I ran for 1 hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds--for the very first time in my life. And I thought I could no longer move when I wake up the following morning but in my excitement of Federer's historic achievement, I felt I could still run for another 2 hours! But of course, I didn't. I gave myself a rest, simply played tennis for 1 hour.

I joined the Mizuno Infinity Run last June 7, 2009 after 5 months of not running. I finished 10k at 1:20.

This July 19 at the Run For Home, I wish to do better--hopefully I WILL!


  1. And he moved past Pete Sampras with the most number of grand slam won, it's an awe to watch the two during the finals. Unbelievable.

    It seemed you really pushed yourself to the limit with that 2-hour run, plus resting by playing tennis, wow, ang lupeet! See you at the run for home.

  2. hi nora, congrats on you first year anniv in running! See you at the Run for Home!

  3. Dear Nora - Happy 1st running anniversary! Your anniversary run was great. Just wondering why 2 second short for 2 hours?

  4. Haha . . . pasiklab ko lang yon Vener. Actually, I requested my coach not to let me run anymore. Kaya sa tapat ko na lang pinapadapo ang bola. No more running left to right of the court.

  5. Thanks Bro J. See you and Baby soon! Miss ko na kayong dalawa.

  6. That's the time when I arrived at our gate, Amado. I ran from Philamlife Village passing through BF Resort Village to Moonwalk Subdivision then back. I wanted to run longer but had to attend to my obligations as mother, father, caregiver, and only daughter.

  7. 2 hour runs? wow, ibang level na yan, Nora! keep up those LSD runs as those will come in handy on your longer races. happy 1 year anniv.!

  8. Ayan -- pwede ka na mag-21K!! With your one year anniversary in place, you are actually stronger!!! Galing!! Running definitely slows down the aging process!!! he! he! Ang problema lang ng long runs -- time!!! If only we have more time to do everything we want to do!! he! he! Congrats and to more longer runs -- pretty soon, 42K na yan!!

  9. Happy Running Anniversary, Nora :-)

  10. Thank you Rene, Johnny and Rico!

    See you all at the Run for Home this July 19!

    Naku Johnny medyo malayo pa 21k. My goal this year is only 16k. I'm taking it slow. Hirap ma injured.

  11. there is no shame becoming a tortoise? Yikes!! If I clock in a 5k for 2 hours? joke hopefully not.

    Where will the event be held at? :) I hate early morning runs! LOL but why not, I shall look for globe center at mega right after work! :)

  12. At long last! We're gonna see each other, kassy. See you July 19!