Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Race at Age 75

Tennis, golf, bowling -- you name it. My mother played these recreational sports and has brought home countless trophies for winning tournaments that she joined.

Except running.

My ever dearest mother has never joined a single race for the 75 years of her active life.

Not until the Family Fun Run last Aug. 2, 2009.

Gio and Eia begged their lola to bring them to Museo Pambata then run together in the Family Fun Run after that.
Poor grandma, cannot say NO to the persistent prodding of her 2 grandchildren.

As for me, I was overjoyed because whenever she goes out with us, I leave my wallet at home heh heh . . . .

It's good that Nanay exercises everyday following the different types of aerobics video.
And through all these years, she has maintained her 36-28-36 figure and 110-lb. weight.
I always tell her that she was born without any taste buds. Her whole meal intake is only half of my appetizer hah hah . . .
She couldn't understand why we still eat sweets after eating, when we are supposed to be full already. I tell her that there is such word as "dessert" in the dictionary and it was included there for a purpose.
She would end the conversation by saying that "I only eat in order to live. You live in order to eat."

It's no surprise that the 3k race was a walk in the park for her. She ran/walked with her grandchildren enjoying every moment of it.

Sadly, we had to leave right away for Eia was already complaining of stomach ache.

The following day, I received a call from the organizer, Mr. Kenneth Montegrande, inviting me and Anna (the meekrunner) for a breakfast get together.

With Anna and her runaholic family.

Unfortunately, Anna didn't make it because of an early corporate meeting.
Sorry Anna. I was treated to a sumptuous buffet breakfast at Cafe Bocobo and had a wonderful time chatting with Ken and his buddy (whose name now slipped my mind--probably because of my recent General Anesthesia?).

Before we said goodbye, Kenneth gave me these fabulous prizes!

The envelope contained P5,000 cash.
The Crocs Prepair I chose at MOA was priced at P2,350!
I was wearing my pink Crocs Prepair when I chased the closing time of RFC last Monday, Aug. 24, 2009.
Now it can be told: Ang Crocs Prepair, di lang pang walking--pang running pa!

Thank you Ken! Take care of yourself in the U.S.


  1. CROCS PREPAIR are really made for running? been wondering. :)

    YOu have such a lovely family, I'm the only who runs or at least the one who got back to running.

    Have a speedy recovery!

  2. Kassy, someday you'll also get the opportunity to run with your own family. Just keep on running, girl!

  3. wow! Your mom is great.
    I wish when I reached that age I'll be as active and as rich hehehe.
    I was actually planning to run that race- unfortunately hubby had other sched so we didn't push.

    Luckily, the Lord grant my wish and our first family run happened during the looney tunes active run- hope to post it soon (when not so busy).

    We missed mommy milkshake because of bed weather hehehe. WHere you there?

    Take care- hope to see you soon.

  4. Haha... ikaw talaga Joy. I bet you'll be fitter and richer when u reach 75.

    Nice to know your whole family joined the Looney Tunes Run.

    Sadly, we missed the MMM3. Hopefully, next year.

  5. Hi Nora, bilib ako sa mom mo. hope to run with her, too. (baka puede din mag-iwan ng wallet! hehe) get well soon and see you at the races! -Mariel :)

  6. Haha . . . one of the advantages of an only child . . . pwedeng mag-iwan ng wallet pag kasama ang nanay. Buti na lang wala akong kapatid na magseselos!

  7. Hi Nora, Wow galing your mom. I wonder if I will habe that same energu and be able to walk/run with my grandchildren. Hmmm...something to work for though. Great post.

  8. But of course Mayi! We will still be running through 100 and beyond hehe . . .

  9. Nors, galing namam ni Nanay,just like
    my mom (she's not into running,but
    still does her daily 30 min.brisk walking @ 83!) talo nga kaming lahat..
    I hope I can get back to jogging -seriously...

  10. All it takes is discipline. Be one with your patients. If you can encourage your patients to lead a healthy lifestyle, dapat ikaw din, di ba?

    I still hope we could run together in future races (with Elsz, Malou and Joj).