Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Life And In Death--Thank You, Tita Cory!

Ever since I started training in May 2007, I have been dreaming to run with Jaymie (then the "newbie" runner, now the famous and fabulous TBR).

After more than 2 years and 2 months of rigorous praying, my dream finally became a reality!

And this elusive dream would have remained just a dream if not for Tita Cory's sublime intervention.

Even in death, Tita Cory proved to be powerful in unifying the Filipino people.

With Jaymie initiating the "Run for Cory", runners converged in Ayala Alabang, U.P., MOA, Makati and the Fort to dedicate one special run in honor of one great leader.

I was very fortunate to join the group of runners that ran around Alabang Country Club. Although many runners signified their intention to join, the gusty wind and rainshowers prevented most of them to fulfill this desire.

Thanks to Jun and Anna (the meekrunner), I had no problem arriving on the said venue before 7 AM. Soon after, we were joined by Bambi, Miguel and Jaymie, Sir Ipe, Francis, Ardy, Pat and other runners. Later during the run, the flying couple Mark and Tiffin just appeared from nowhere heh heh . . .

I don't know where this was taken but it was a place where the fast runners waited for me and Anna (thank you guys for patiently waiting for us). Anna and me were joking to each other "Easy run nila ang 7 mins/km, sa atin hard na yon."

It was my first run in Ayala Alabang and it couldn't have been better. I was in good company, running to honor someone great enough to be a hero and a saint.

Taken after that wonderful 8.7km run with the football field as background. I enjoyed it so much I was still energized to run another 5k but Anna had to go home right away.

Thank you, Jaymie for initiating this run. I promise I'll train harder so you won't wait long for me the next time.

And thank you, Tita Cory! Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.


  1. Nora, it was great to run with you for the first time! Hopefully we can run again soon but under different circumstances.

    It was actually Francis who initiated the run. And it just snowballed from there. Nice to know that so many runners braved the rain yesterday for Tita Cory :)

  2. Yes, Jaymie. I hope we could run together again just for the fun of it. Now I have a new running goal. Next time, I vow to run just a few meters behind you (mga 100-500 m. lang hah hah . . .)