Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to The Club, Mimi!

(This is sooh long overdue . . . but as the saying goes: Better late than never!)

Last March 7, 2009 I received this wonderful text message from my friend Mimi:

"Naku Nors have started tri-weekly walking. Hirap pala. But thinking of you doing your fun run keeps me going! Ha ha ha."

I answered her that I'm very very happy that she started walking and even encouraged her to join the upcoming Pinay in Action slated March 29.

She replied: "30 minutes or about 2 km walk muna. OK na ba for a start coach? Hope I can sustain this or magprogress ako to jogging!"

Wow! Proud naman ang beauty ko to be addressed as "coach"!

I assured her that it's a good start already, based from my own experience. I added that if I could do it, she can do even better.

The jolly woman that she is, she answered "Yup! . . . And dapat sulitin itong Nike Xtraining shoes ko! See you!"

You can just imagine my excitement on the way to our get together the following day to celebrate Mimi's 50th birthday (we're classmates from Grade I to 2nd year H.S.). We haven't seen each other for more than a year already. So many stories to share . . .

Being the farthest, I was the FIRST to arrive at Las Paellas in Greenhills. Soon the birthday celebrant came who appeared to be a budding debutante rather than a golden girl. Elsa came next, followed by Malou and Jojie.

It's always a plus factor to have an in-house doctor when you're in an unfamiliar territory. Jojie was pale and complained of dizziness when she arrived with Malou but Mimi simply got something in her bag and presto! As fast as a wave of a fairy godmother's magic wand, Jojie was immediately relieved.

50 years on earth is enough reason for us to break-away from our boring low-fat, low-calorie diet and indulge in the very sinful baked oysters, paella marinara, salpicao and lengua (thank you, Mimi, for making me feel 20 again hah hah . . . ). At least, we had fresh green salad before the main course.

The golden girls of Marbel, South Cotabato (now known as Koronadal City): Jojie, Malou, Mimi (who would think that this pretty lass in charming sun dress is actually a 50-year old gastro-enterologist?), the proud "coach", and Elsa.

My time (3.5 hours to be exact) spent with these beautiful ladies was simply bliss. Not only was I consoled that I'm not alone going through the physiological and psychological changes in my life, but opening up about this dreadful phase in a woman's life is actually liberating and therapeutic. And of course, we didn't just confine ourselves to this inevitable big "M" (you know what I'm talking about don't you?) but also shared and laughed about anything that popped out of our still active minds. And I meant anything: from house construction to latest news (including sizzling showbiz tidbits), travel destinations, movies and telenovelas, medical concerns and paranoia, family, yoga and my favorite topic--running.

From Las Paellas we proceeded to nearby Figaro where the four gorgeous ladies enjoyed their hot cups of cappuccino while I savored my glass of iced water. The five of us shared 2 orders of cake (courtesy of Elsa--thanks, Elsz!), one of which was oozing with rich creamy margarine (see photo below).

Welcome to the Club Mimi! Life indeed begins at 50. I'm ecstatic that you started walking then hopefully jog and eventually run.

Now I'm dreaming to run with you (together with Elsa, Jojie and Malou) in future races! Better go back to my training . . . as soon as I figure out how. My only race this year was my first 10k run last Jan. 18 with the PSE Bulls.

How do I go from here?

I seek and welcome any and all kinds of suggestions from you, my dear runner friends.

Ignite my passion once again.

I trust you will.