Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Family Fun Run

I know everybody who joined the Run for Home is now excited over the statistical results and analysis of the race made possible by the timing chip. I have read good reviews and a few not-so-good ones. Will talk about mine as soon as I nurse my broken heart on my frustrating results.

Anyway, let's take a break from "serious" races for a while. Forget about pace, forget about breaking PR.

Join the 2009 Family Fun Run for a change. Organized by Kenneth Montegrande as shown in the photo above, I'm sure I'll enjoy this event as much as I enjoyed the Manila Half Marathon Challenge last year.

Bring the whole family to Rajah Sulayman Park Manila on Aug. 2, 2009 and simply have fun! My kids and I, their grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins will be there.

I can think of 10 reasons why you shouldn't miss this:

1. The race will start at 4 PM. No hassle getting up at 4 AM.

2. The kids can run/walk with you and finishing a 3k race is a healthy and fun way of spending time together.

3. For only P250 registration fee, all the members in your family can join. And there's even a prize for the highest delegation of family group. By the way, Anna (the meek runner) will run 10k together with the whole runaholic family. And just the same, she only paid P250 for all of them. That equates to only P50 per family member. What a deal!

4. Each family will get a cool singlet after registration and surprise FREEBIES after the race (not to mention the trophies and cash prizes for the winners). What a treat!

5. My first race last year was organized by Kenneth Montegrande. There were adequate kilometer markings, helpful marshals everywhere, unlimited supply of ice-cold bottled water. How refreshing! Also, the commemorative t-shirt was something you could wear everyday. Di lang pang sports, pang araw-araw pa!

6. The route will be along Baywalk, Roxas Blvd. A completely different scenery from that of U.P. Diliman and the Fort. Even the air that you'll breath will be different.

7. You'll get to teach the kids a little bit of geography and history while passing by the Ninoy Aquino statue in Baywalk, the U.S. Embassy building, Dr. Jose Rizal's monument in Luneta.

8. You may bring the kids to Museo Pambata before the race. Try lifting the phones at the Heroes Hall on the first floor and they could actually "talk" to our heroes and learn something not found in ordinary History books. Cool! There's also a Sports Room where they could rock climb, shoot some balls and visit the lockers of our famous sports personalities like Paeng Nepomuceno. There's a Science Room, where the kids can actually get inside the giant parts of the body! There's a hands-on activity room, music room, showcase of international dolls, and many many more.

9. If your kids love marine life, then bring them to Ocean Adventure at the back of Quirino Grandstand.

10. Take your kids a stroll in Rizal Park. Test their ability in geography with the giant Philippine map. You may even explore Intramuros if they still have the energy.

Before I forget: For P150, you may run as an individual if you can't bring the family. You also get a free singlet.

You may register at San Andres Sports Complex. Tel. No. 5151915.

Or contact Kenneth Montegrande. Celfone # 0917-3630004.

Or visit his website

See you all there!