Saturday, November 14, 2009

85 And 10

85 years ago today, a baby boy was born in a humble home in Naic, Cavite destined to be the father of an only child.

75 years later, a special child was born to his only daughter who would change his life forever . . .

Yes, my dearest father and only daughter are both celebrating their birthdays today, November 11, 2009.
Tatay is 85--old enough to be my grandfather, and Eia is 10--young enough to be my granddaughter.

Strange how things turn out the opposite of what we planned them to be.

My father fantasized of marrying an only daughter and having 10 children.

He ended up marrying the eldest of 10 children and had only 1 offspring!

As for me, I run away from marriage whenever I can.

I ended up embarking on the "last trip" 5 months before I turned 39.

Then I prayed for an only child.

But God had other plans.

He gave me a boy. And a girl.

When I was 5, I begged my mother that we leave my father.
After 52 years, my father and mother are still together.

When my son was 5, he begged me to accept his father's plea that we live together again.
It never happened. I filed for Petition of Marriage Annulment and it was granted in 2007.

Who would ever think that exactly on my father's 75th birthday, God will grant him a granddaughter who would melt his hardened heart, teach him how to express his love, and give him joy beyond imagination?

Ah, God may sometimes not grant our prayer. But He sure gives us something better!