Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Race After Colles Fracture

3 months after I lost my balance on the tennis court and suffered a wrist injury(Colles fracture in medical terms), I dared to fly again and once more savor the unexplainable "high" that only running can possibly give.

I would have wanted to run side by side with Papa Piolo at the Fort but opted to shy away from the limelight for the time being hah hah . . . (It was 4 months since my last race and I was still in PT rehab)

After a series of utmost convincing and prodding, my rehab therapist Mark finally agreed to join me in my comeback race. He was already jogging 45 minutes 3X a week for 1 year before we met but had no intention of joining a race. Had he said YES before the Adidas KOTR, I could have "defended my crown" (sob).

I picked the Animo Run because he's an alumnus of DLSU. I figured he won't say NO to my proposal and I was right. With Nov. 15 as our target date, Mark religiously followed the one-month running program I made especially for him. It was an easy-to-follow weekly schedule that included a tempo run, a speed interval workout and a long run.


The day before the race, we attended the birthday party of my uncle in a nearby subdivision. I may have eaten more than my stomach could handle or something alien that caused me to heed the call of nature 5X from 8PM to 9 PM.

Thanks to Gatorade, I didn't feel weak nor exhausted with my successive trips to the rest room.

By 10PM, I was already lost in dreamland. Then I was jerked by the startling sound of alarm early in the morning. For a while I wondered why I set my alarm at 4:10 AM. After some thought I realized it was race day and I was supposed to meet Mark at the Petron station fronting McDo Macapagal at 5:10AM.

As usual, Mark was late again but forgivable for he still fetched his darling Elena who will be his official photographer. Mine was Ate Ella. (Actually, I thanked God that he was late 'coz I still had to do my business in the rest room. Twice.)

We were lucky to find 2 parking spaces fronting San Miguel by the bay. From there we jogged to the starting area.

A commemorative pose at the starting line upon arriving at the race venue, only 20 minutes from Las Pinas City.

While waiting for the start of the race, in front of IMAX Theatre.

Then out of nowhere my friend Anna (the Meekrunner) appeared! I was simply overjoyed in seeing her. We're supposed to run 16k last September but I got injured in August.

After a while Anna had to join the 10k runners who'll be running ahead of us.

Race Proper:

We waited for another 10 minutes after the 10K runners left and we were off.

Mark and I ran slowly together until the first right turn, where he disappeared in a flash.

I took my own sweet time, reminding myself that I just got out of injury and still recovering. Sometimes I set my eyes on someone (a young hunk or a sexy female runner) and try to reach him/her. Then I pat myself at the back for still having the strength to run faster than athletes half my age.

Mark, finishing strong in less than 24 minutes (galing ng Coach hehe...). Not bad for a first timer (he was aiming to overtake the PNP in front of him but just couldn't make it . . . he vowed to seek vengeance next time around).

That's me walking to the finish line. After 34 minutes, there was already a queue of runners ahead of me. I didn't break PR (clocked 31:27 at the 2008 Adidas KOTR) but I'm just glad to be back on track again.

All smiles with our certificates and free t-shirts (given only to the first 50 finishers).


While waiting for the awarding ceremony, I glanced at my right and saw Takicutie and his lovely wife Meg! (Good luck Meg on your 1st 15K this Sunday).

I thought the Animo Run will be better this year but as before, there were problems again in the compilation of the list of winners.
We would have stayed longer but we had to stop the uprising in our empty stomachs.
One last pose with Ate Ella and Mark's sweet honey pie, Elena before we left at @9:30 AM.

Now that I'm back, see you all in future races!