Monday, May 17, 2010

To Run Or Not to Run the TBR Dream Marathon

After 3 months and 2 weeks of training for the TBR Dream Marathon, a tragic accident happened to me this morning.

I missed the 1-hour long run at the Fort last Saturday with my fellow TBR Dream Marathoners due to lack of sleep the night before.

Planned to run early Sunday but decided to run in the afternoon so I could invite Kassy to join me. Besides, had to be home to prepare my kids for the Sunday children's mass, especially Gio who was scheduled to be the first Lector.

Unfortunately, my sales personnel called-in sick so I had to rush to Starmall immediately after the mass and stayed there until 9PM.

Only 5 days to go before the much-awaited Big Day so I had to do the last long run this morning.

I was able to run for 37 minutes while Gio was playing tennis with Coach Sonny. He complained of being tired so I had to play instead of him in order to complete the 1-hour session.

After bringing Gio home, I proceeded to the village park to run the remaining 23 minutes that I lack.

I was running at the walker's pavement but saw a fast runner approaching in my direction so I shifted to the lower side of the road to give way. Right foot first then left foot.

Then the unthinkable happened.

My left foot stepped on a rock and down I went, wounding my right elbow and right knee and inflicting intense pain on my left foot.

The runner helped me get up and my first words were: "I couldn't be injured, not this time!"

He helped me sit on the bench and I called Mark, my therapist-friend but he couldn't be reached.

Then I called Jaymie, but couldn't be reached either.

Then my children's pediatrician walked by and saw me. He examined my foot and told me to go home right away and put ice. I didn't want to alarm my parents if I call home and ask the driver to pick me up.

So, very slowly I limped back to the car and headed home.

It was painful stepping on the clutch but I had to endure it.

I tried walking normally as I entered the house but Tatay and Nanay noticed that I was limping. I said matter-of-factly that I stepped on a stone and had to put ice on my left foot, giving them the idea that it was not THAT serious.

That's when Jaymie texted me. I related what happened but couldn't talk to her for my dear parents would hear what really transpired.

When I got the chance, I asked Ate Ella to go with me to Starmall then proceed to Perpetual Help Hospital.

Thank God my sales staff was back in shape and Ate Ella just had to give her the bag of money for change (the penalty is P2,000 if you don't open your store inside the mall).

After 9 months, I was back in E.R. , sitting on the same chair when I had my wrist fracture.

I couldn't believe I was hearing the same questions from the intern like "Are you allergic to any food and drugs? Are you diabetic, hypertensive, etc.?" Again, I answered "No to all the questions that you'll be asking me."

3 different physicians interviewed me until I finally went to the X-ray room. I told Ate Ella it would take a miracle for me to run this Saturday, but I believe in miracles so it is still possible.

While waiting for the X-ray results, Mark came and examined my foot and gave his advice. Ice for the day, warm pack the next day and thereafter, rest foot and stretch Friday, and put ankle support when I run this Saturday.

Then the X-ray plates came and I was relieved to hear that there was no sprain nor fracture but I would experience pain so they suggested that I take pain relievers and mefenamic drugs. They also bandaged my foot before we left E.R.

Both my parents were insinuating that maybe God is telling me something and its up to me to discern it.

I told them "We have a loving God. He's not the One who did this to me."

Then my father answered: "But He allowed it to happen to you. Maybe it's about time that you think of other means to keep you fit other than running."

I told them "Life is not perfect. As long as we live, we will encounter pain and obstacles along the way."

I wanted to add: "I will still run the marathon even if I have to be in crutches. I owe it to the people who pledged for DSAPI (Down Syndrome Assn. of the Phils. Inc.)"

But as I write this I couldn't help but wonder -- what if my parents are right?

What do you think?

(Jaymie, could you extend the cut-off time to 12 hours?)


  1. Oh Ate Nora, sorry to hear about your left foot. But you blogged it, so your parents might read about it :D

    I really can't give you an advise if you still have to run on Saturday. We really won't know what might transpire in each of us on our TBR DM. I'm also scared for myself. But I also believe about what you said that "He's not the one who did it to you".

    You have a big faith Ate Nora, and you are also strong-willed. For now, rest your body (and foot), and just do some exercises, stretching, and legs and core strengthening at home. Let's just have a slow run on Saturday :)

  2. you can beat that nora! see you on saturday!

  3. A marathon is an adventure. But to complete the adventure you have to be physical and emotionally prepared . If the body is not ready the “ emotion “ can only carry you so much. I wont tell you to not run the marathon or to run it because at the end of the day its really you who should decide.
    I will share you an experience that happen to me, 2 weeks before the condura marathon 2010 i was hit with a very bad injury that i was thinking on down grading to the 21k event but i said to myself no way will i give up that fast after all the months of prepation . i ran the 42k and finish at a decent time.
    Whatever you decide on God will guide you on your journey to full fill your dreams to finish a marathon

    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  4. Hi Nora, things that happened around us are God's language for us. It's His way to communicate to us. We just have to listen. Not all things that happened negatively maybe be a sign that God did not want us to continue on our journey. Sometimes He allows these things to happen for us to turn to Him. Events like this allows us to come to God to depend on His power and mercy. It may be for His greater glory! If we can run knowing that it is only God that gave us the strength to do it then we are giving Him back the glory!If He really wants us to stop then He will surely make it clear for us. If you have doubts, come to Him and ask for wisdom and He will give it to you.

    On the practical side. Take a good rest, follow your therapist's advice and come Saturday, listen to your body and heart! God will honor your decision. God bless!

  5. my unsolicited advice: run. :)

    if u can shake off the pain, run. but if it gets intense, call it a day. there will be numerous marathons coming your way.

    so, for now, rest easy. tapos sa TBR DM, run run run!!! :)

  6. Oh no Nora! Hoping you could recover in time for your race, but you know your body better. It's happen to me also, the random sprain-inducing rock. Take it easy and hoping for the best!

  7. Thanks Alred. Yes, I'll have a slow run this Saturday. But for you, run like the wind!

  8. Yes, Odie! I've seen you beat your cramps last May 2 at Nuvali and I really admire your courage and determination. See you this Saturday, through better or for worse . . .

  9. Thank you Patrick. Yes, I thought you'll only run 21K at the Condura because of your injury but you went ahead as planned. 3 months and 2 wks of preparation -- Ngayon pa ba naman ako aatras?

  10. Amen to that, Bro J. If it is God's will that I finish the marathon, I'll surely will. I surrender myself to Him to take charge of my life. With God by my side, what could possibly be wrong?

  11. Hah hah . . . very sound advice, daytripper. Thanks!

  12. Thanks Luis. I think it's normal that something like this happens before a race. Every runner must have experienced this some time or another. It's a great relief that we inspire each other whenever one needs the boost to hang on and continue. See you soon!

  13. NORAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! SMS-ed you! Let us be well, please let us be well. you too, get well.

    I will pray and tell the universe to make you feel well, be better.



  14. Hi Nora:
    Sorry about your episode.
    With rest, ice pack & heat wrap and determination you will be ready come Saturday. Watch for potholes, uneven road surfaces, stay away from the curb and do the "shuffle". The 50+ years old runners will be cheering for you.
    Good Luck!

  15. Wow! Nice to hear about that, Arthur. Thanks!

  16. I hope you be back at your best real soon Ma'am! God knows how much you want this and maybe He's just giving it some "spice" to make it more memorable, hehe. Only you can hear what He is saying and I think you already know what that is. :)

    Best of luck Ma'am Nora! Godspeed :)

    - dhenz

  17. Hi Nora, it was nice meeting you. Goodluck on Saturday! just give it a go and if the pain persists, there will always be the next marathon to look forward to. I wasn't able to get your contact details. Anyway, I'll see you on Saturday.

  18. Yes, dhenz, He is telling me not to be afraid 'coz He will be there with me every step of the way. Thanks!

  19. See you Saturday, Marvin! All my contact details are written in my post "My First Marathon for Children with Down Syndrome"

  20. Hi bestfriend,

    Don't worry, you still have the whole day tomorrow to rest and reassess your feet, whatever will be your decision, I hope you will find peace......

  21. Hi Nora,
    I hope to see you this Saturday!
    I am sure this is just another obstacle to test your will.
    I also had my share of injury plus the annoying dead toenails LOl! but I'll be there. We can do it by God's grace.


  22. Anna! You already know my decision heh heh . . .

  23. Dead toenails are already part of our normal lives, Joy. We just have to accept that (sigh . . .) I hope you're in perfect condition come Saturday. Ang bilis bilis mo pa naman. Remember, it's our pre-birthday run!

  24. Hi Nora, whatever you decide, we shall be supporting you all the way! It's true that God loves us and is always looking out for us. We are grateful for all your efforts and dedication to DSAPI ! God bless!

  25. Hi Nora! Thank God hindi grabe. Kayang kaya mo yan. Alam ko. Make sure you continue icing the ankle. Rest and sleep enough before the race. Pray, and also, don't forget the carbs.

    Basta dahan dahan lang lalo na sa early part of the race. Take walk breaks as often as you need them. Don't forget to bring gels, saging, or hopya whatever your preference to sustain you. Mahaba ang marathon, magugutom ka. 8 hours is a generous cut off time for a marathon. If you run it smart, you'll be a "marathoner" after that race.

    "Pinis or not pinis" my pledge is good. Have a safe and fun 1st marathon. Take care.

  26. God bless DSAPI Elmer! I know He will take care of me, 'coz I'm dedicating this for our children with Down Syndrome. Thanks!

  27. For the second time, ikaw na naman ang sumagip sa akin Bong. Your generous donation arrived yesterday, when I was having doubts whether to proceed with the marathon or not. I cried when I opened the envelope, and I said to myself: "Nothing will stop me from running this Saturday. This is God's sign that I should continue as planned".

    Thank you again, Bong. God bless you and your family.