Monday, May 17, 2010

To Run Or Not to Run the TBR Dream Marathon

After 3 months and 2 weeks of training for the TBR Dream Marathon, a tragic accident happened to me this morning.

I missed the 1-hour long run at the Fort last Saturday with my fellow TBR Dream Marathoners due to lack of sleep the night before.

Planned to run early Sunday but decided to run in the afternoon so I could invite Kassy to join me. Besides, had to be home to prepare my kids for the Sunday children's mass, especially Gio who was scheduled to be the first Lector.

Unfortunately, my sales personnel called-in sick so I had to rush to Starmall immediately after the mass and stayed there until 9PM.

Only 5 days to go before the much-awaited Big Day so I had to do the last long run this morning.

I was able to run for 37 minutes while Gio was playing tennis with Coach Sonny. He complained of being tired so I had to play instead of him in order to complete the 1-hour session.

After bringing Gio home, I proceeded to the village park to run the remaining 23 minutes that I lack.

I was running at the walker's pavement but saw a fast runner approaching in my direction so I shifted to the lower side of the road to give way. Right foot first then left foot.

Then the unthinkable happened.

My left foot stepped on a rock and down I went, wounding my right elbow and right knee and inflicting intense pain on my left foot.

The runner helped me get up and my first words were: "I couldn't be injured, not this time!"

He helped me sit on the bench and I called Mark, my therapist-friend but he couldn't be reached.

Then I called Jaymie, but couldn't be reached either.

Then my children's pediatrician walked by and saw me. He examined my foot and told me to go home right away and put ice. I didn't want to alarm my parents if I call home and ask the driver to pick me up.

So, very slowly I limped back to the car and headed home.

It was painful stepping on the clutch but I had to endure it.

I tried walking normally as I entered the house but Tatay and Nanay noticed that I was limping. I said matter-of-factly that I stepped on a stone and had to put ice on my left foot, giving them the idea that it was not THAT serious.

That's when Jaymie texted me. I related what happened but couldn't talk to her for my dear parents would hear what really transpired.

When I got the chance, I asked Ate Ella to go with me to Starmall then proceed to Perpetual Help Hospital.

Thank God my sales staff was back in shape and Ate Ella just had to give her the bag of money for change (the penalty is P2,000 if you don't open your store inside the mall).

After 9 months, I was back in E.R. , sitting on the same chair when I had my wrist fracture.

I couldn't believe I was hearing the same questions from the intern like "Are you allergic to any food and drugs? Are you diabetic, hypertensive, etc.?" Again, I answered "No to all the questions that you'll be asking me."

3 different physicians interviewed me until I finally went to the X-ray room. I told Ate Ella it would take a miracle for me to run this Saturday, but I believe in miracles so it is still possible.

While waiting for the X-ray results, Mark came and examined my foot and gave his advice. Ice for the day, warm pack the next day and thereafter, rest foot and stretch Friday, and put ankle support when I run this Saturday.

Then the X-ray plates came and I was relieved to hear that there was no sprain nor fracture but I would experience pain so they suggested that I take pain relievers and mefenamic drugs. They also bandaged my foot before we left E.R.

Both my parents were insinuating that maybe God is telling me something and its up to me to discern it.

I told them "We have a loving God. He's not the One who did this to me."

Then my father answered: "But He allowed it to happen to you. Maybe it's about time that you think of other means to keep you fit other than running."

I told them "Life is not perfect. As long as we live, we will encounter pain and obstacles along the way."

I wanted to add: "I will still run the marathon even if I have to be in crutches. I owe it to the people who pledged for DSAPI (Down Syndrome Assn. of the Phils. Inc.)"

But as I write this I couldn't help but wonder -- what if my parents are right?

What do you think?

(Jaymie, could you extend the cut-off time to 12 hours?)