Monday, March 21, 2011

A Quick Update

Hello everyone!  Before you think that something bad happened to me, here's a quick update of what transpired during the past 5 months that I was invisible.

1.  Tested myself if I could finish 32k without the proper training.  And the verdict is . . . YES, I can!  I joined RunRio Trilogy 3 last Nov. 21, 2010 and thanks to my cousin Jun Muego who went back for me, I survived the 32K.  Coach Rio knows that runners hit the "wall" on the 32nd km and that's exactly what happened to me.  Thank God after the 32nd km, it's the Finish line already!

What I vividly remembered about this race was the different ways my name was called.  My favorites were of course "Nora" and "Ms. Nora".  Some called me "Ma'am, Tita, Ate, Mommy" and I don't really mind being addressed as these.  But when runners and marshals ask me "Nanay, kaya nyo pa ba?"  I was almost tempted to challenge them to run 42k with me haha . . .

2.  December passed in a jiffy and I just woke up one day realizing that it was already 2011.  I thought I could hide the 10 lbs. that I gained during the holidays but anywhere I go, people would ask me "Ma'am, tumaba ho ba kayo?"

3.  In desperation to lose weight fast, I registered online for the the Condura Skyway Marathon, only to back out at the last minute when I learned that there's a 6-hr cut-off time.  With my extra 10 lbs., there's no way I could finish 42k in less than 6 hours.  So I did the most sensible thing to do:  I signed up for the half-marathon instead.  21k is my comfort zone.  It's a distance I'm confident to finish, with or without training.

This is one memorable race for out of nowhere, Bong (Pagong) Ortiz greeted me!  I couldn't believe at first because I knew that Bong lives in Canada.  I was sooh happy to finally see Bong, who's very instrumental in my humble pursuits.

4.  Last year, I wasn't able to join the RunRio Trilogy 1 because it coincided with the Happy Walk of the Down Syndrome Assn. of the Phils.  This year, there was a registration booth at the Condura Race so without thinking, I registered for 21k.

I almost decided not to go through with this race because Eia's recital was also scheduled on March 6, 2011. But the runner in me prevailed.  I ran 21k, then proceeded to the 21k booth, then ran to the car and immediately went home even without changing clothes and having breakfast.

5.  I am happy to announce that I'm back training and playing tennis.  And I have a new-found love:  Tai-Chi every Tue. and Fri.  Oh, and I have a fantastic running buddy, Pam.

See you at the nightfest this April 9!


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