Saturday, August 6, 2011

From Pink to Blue

As you have noticed, my blog layout is now changed including the colors.

Wala lang.  Feel ko lang na it's about time to change. 

Thanks to my 13-year old son Gio who was more than willing to help me reinvent my blog.

I have deleted the "Comments" portion beginning 2011 but due to insistent public demand, I will put it back starting today hah hah . . .

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Like A Child Again

It was raining when I woke up this morning but since Ate Ella and I go to the wet market every Saturday come rain or shine, we left the house @ 6AM.

I wore a waterproof vest on top of a sleeveless shirt partnered with knee length shorts and my favorite bakya (wooden slippers) with matching wide-brim military hat.

Whenever a bayong (native basket specifically used for marketing) is already full, I walk to the parking area and place it inside the car then go back to the market to buy more (we normally fill 4 baskets).

In my 2nd trip to the car, I found it difficult to walk because of my wet bakya.  So I did the most sensible thing to do when going back to the market -- I ran barefoot through the heavy rains, carrying my "precious" bakya!

Suddenly, flashbacks of my childhood memories came to life and brought a nostalgic smile on my face.  I was like a child again, running barefoot in the rain but enjoying every moment of it.

I was still grinning ear to ear when I caught sight of my long lost kumare whom I haven't seen in ages!

Despite the chill of the cold weather, her spur-of-the-moment compliment warmed my heart and fired up my soul.   She blurted out: "Nors, di ka man lang tumanda!  Wala ka man lang wrinkles!"

Hmmm . . . maybe I should run barefoot in the rain more often heheh . . .